Analysis of the common mistakes in the protected ground experiments.

1. Overheating. – Therefore an inner thermometer is desirable.

2. Absence of light or its great lack. – All experiments should be carried out in the light!

3. No climate. – In closed bottles and jars, especially of small volume, a lot of moisture and acidity is created, as the plants do not use oxygen and carbon dioxide, and they are accumulated. It is desirable to select plants appropriate for the microclimate in the container.

And use the simplest ways to reduce the acidity. For example, the top soil may be sprinkled with dry “lime milk”. It can be scraped off the wall, which is bleached with slaked lime. Or with ground gas silicate blocks based on the slaked lime (lime milk), and so on.

4. Infection with deleterious microflora and microfauna. – It is advisable to disinfect at least with potassium permanganate.

But it would be better to carry out such experiments in fluid nitrogen, although it is difficult in domestic conditions.

5. Plants know that they are in a small volume, in particular gas atmosphere and unusual lighting conditions, and react. Keep this in mind.

When analyzing the results of the experiments you should remembered that if an isolated from the atmosphere plant died, you must have proof of its death exactly because of the lack of carbon and (or) oxygen, and not for some other reason.

An attentive reader immediately there asks a question – do scientists really not see that the plants are not being oppressed and not die because of the lack of carbon dioxide and (or) oxygen?
The stumbling block for scientists in this question is the mistaken idea of natural synthesis (assembly) of complex substances from simple substances (elements). That is the nature allegedly acts the same way as a person who is setting up, for example, a car from sections. As if the nature peeped it from people and also takes and collects (synthesizes), for example, water from hydrogen and oxygen or white salt from sodium chloride and so on.

In science the basis of organic molecules is CH-group of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen is “taken” be pseudo scientists from the water. As if it was so easy! But nobody pays attention to this “technological” moment.

According to their theory carbon is also needed. And although there is something else with it in nature, but how can you do without it?!! You know a “smart” guy once said that you can not do without it!

And what about us? Nothing! There are no brains!

That is why scientists do not see anything, they want carbon right here and now! Even out of your pants!
All the modern “scientific” worldview and, above all, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy is “fancied” on the moldy idea of natural synthesis.

Such nonsense it is!!

Once the inconsistency of the theory of photosynthesis is recognized, the next inevitable step is to “cancel” the synthesis!

It is easier to close America!

Do you know how to catch monkeys?

You put bananas or tangerines into a box and close its with a grille, the cells of which easily let the unclamped monkey’s palm to pass through, but the clenched fist sticks it.

And pseudo scientists clutched their fists on the synthesis and don’t want to unclamp it, although life has taken them into the clutches of the need for new scientific approaches and breakthrough technologies.
There is little organics in one seed. But when a plant will grow and will yield, it will be much more organics. Organics has multiplied. That is, the reproduction of organics occurs in the leaves of plants in the water during daylight.

This is an undeniable fact, which does not require proofs.

And the mythical synthesis in the leaves has no evidence! What happens in the leaves (bookish details, and even with the formulas!) has not been seen. There are only FANTASIES.

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