Pseudo-scientific botanic tricks.

Scientists try to prove existence of air nourishment and breathing of plants not with the help of pure experiments but different tricks.
For example, Pasechnik V.V. in his textbook Biology 6 published an experiment with the airproof isolated from the atmosphere plant branch in a glass of water (Picture 118 in the textbook.)

Background of this trick lies in the fact that in nature branches don’t grow in glasses with water. In this case there is a «short-circuit» of the vessels of the branch through water and starch begins getting into the leaves together with water that runs through the vessels up from the roots. Such things don’t exist in nature. Starch never gets into the leaves from the roots.

Branch’s reaction at this anomaly is following: transformation of primary sugar into starch in its leaves stops. Pseudo-experimentalist discovers this very fact.

On the basis of the evidence that there is no starch found in the leaves of the branch, he/she concludes that photosynthesis stopped and therefore plants need carbon.

And still author isn’t confused by the fact that during the experiment the branch hasn’t died (photosynthesis process is claimed to have stopped!), hasn’t withered and even hasn’t changed its colour!
He also isn’t confused by the fact that originally sugar, not starch reproduces in the leaves in the light. And there are a lot of plants where sugar doesn’t transform into starch, for example sugar beet.
In other words, the author uses plain deceit to prove the thing that doesn’t exist in nature.

Plain deceit is also absence of test branches in the experiment (if this mountebank of a scientist carries out an experiment not with proper plants but with a branch in the glass). There must be a branch in the glass nearby that won’t be covered with a transparent cap.
Results of both experiments are the same.
Conclusion: absence of starch in the leaves isn’t connected with isolation from the atmosphere! It is clear that author of the textbooks isn’t happy about it!

I have carried out an experiment with a branch in the glass of water up to the end, till victory. In the result, the branch in the glass under transparent cap happily developed roots. I planted it then into a pot with earth.

Experiment 118 is easier, obvious and correct to carry out with the help of familiar for children and other audience, not injured, healthy plant that grows in the pot with earth.
Vladimir Vasiljevich understands it very well.
But the trouble is that nothing happens to normal plant, isolated from atmosphere under the cap!

But an experiment was required and pseudo-scientist made it up!
V.V. Pasechnik committed a criminal offence, that is called «misinformation».

But this trick wasn’t the end. The textbook author applies for an elementary deceit as a proof of oxygen necessity of plants.

For example, it is claimed in the textbook that «plants are oppressed in the boggy soil». It is equal to the claim that water oppresses plants.

It isn’t difficult to prove that this claim is a lie, using, for example, willow, cranberry, rice or weed, that make the biomass of the planet.

Pseudo-scientist tries to prove plants need for oxygen. And he claims that water deprives plant roots of oxygen supply.

Here he lies a couple of times:

First of all, plants don’t need oxygen.

Secondly, water contains oxygen and not less than air.

In the third place, plants are not oppresses by water, but vice versa, they exist by means of water.

Fourthly, he uses antiscientific concoctions instead of scientific proof methods taking into account all known facts and also applies for forgery.
It goes without saying that if you plant an apple or pear tree in the bogs they will die.
But it relates to life environment issues and has nothing to do with oxygen!
It means that the schools creates zombies — memorize and don’t think! And everyone wonders in the media: why are our people so wrong?!

And it happens in the presence of Ministry of Education and Science and something like that in all countries around the world!

But they are obliged to peep into textbooks! And not just peep into, but try to understand what is written there!!
Classical «scientific» proof of air nourishment and breathing existence is based on the usage of so called labelled atoms — radioactive carbon isotopes.

The scientists that carry out such experiments should be taken on the excursion to the waste deposits of the radioactive technics, that was used during the accident elimination at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. There they could see radioactive tanks, for example, cars.

Though armour does not have stomas like leaves of plants but radiation, nevertheless, got into the metal!
To prove that carbon dioxide penetrates leaves and takes part in the mythical photosynthesis science mountebanks place radioactive carbon isotope in the composition of carbon dioxide together with leaves and plants and in some time all the parts of the plant become radioactive.

And again there is a deception here — there are no confirmative experiments: except for plants one must take some other biomass, for example, hay, rags, wood. In the same period of time and a bit later (in living plants radiation is being carried by currents) they will also become radioactive.

Dry plants, rags, logs also undergo photosynthesis?
Experiments over plants involving radiation are not correct and are a really transparent and clear deception!

Radiation easily penetrates the plant directly through the leaf skin. That’s why the claim that «radioactive rays source gets into all parts of the plant through the leaves» is true.

But not «in the plant cell chloroplast radioactive carbon isotope blends with hydrogen…» – there are no proofs of that!
Noone has seen it directly or indirectly!

In other words, the usage of radioactive isotopes to study plant physiology is a circus focus. It is deception!

Many chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers etc.) penetrate directly through the leaves skin and then get into roots and fruits. By analogy with this let’s consider it to be the evidence of their taking part in the mythical photosynthesis and let’s make up corresponding formulas!?

Leaf skin and skin of animals are not the total obstacles!

For many matters, especially artificial ones, skin is a surmountable obstacle and there is no need for special holes for such aggressive matters (especially radioactive)! And to penetrate leaves and get into stems, fruits and plant roots the sources of radiation do not necessarily need to participate in the mythical photosynthesis reactions, it is enough just to get through skin into the corresponding currents.

When «researchers» bring radioactive carbon dioxide to leaves of plants and then find out radioactivity in the whole plant, they deliberately do not carry out confirmative experiments.

To do this one must bring radioactive carbon dioxide to hay as well, to a pile of garbage etc. and as the result, they will also become radioactive.

There started photosynthesis?

One must bring to plants other sources of radiation not connected with carbon. In this case you will also refuse to eat radish or tomatoes — they will also become radioactive.

And how it is connected with mythical photosynthesis?
The attempts to prove the existence of air nourishment and plant breathing with the help of radiation appeared because in the real nature there is no air nourishment and plant breathing!

And pseudo-scientists can’t prove with the help of experiments the existence of the things that do not exist. So they came up with this focus with radiation. With radiation because in any other way, with different «labels» this focus can’t be accomplished.

Enraptured by their cleverness about the labelled atoms, pseudo-scholars do not pay attention to really obvious facts. The thing is that the whole atmosphere air is labelled with dust! That’s why if it gets inside a car or a human there is a clearing system for sure. Air filter should be cleaned or changed and humans regularly cough up dirty slime out of their lungs.

But dust does not get inside leaves, I checked it.

Plants are taken from the dusty wayside and the insides of their leaves are observed in microscope. There is no dust and no dirty slime comes out of the leaves! To find out plant breathing through the stomas of leaves, a healthy plant is being contaminated, for example, with scab and then with the help of microscope one studies the «geography» of the spread of the illness. Hotbeds of disease are not connected with stomas!

Global science is built on the moronic and covered with dust synthesis idea. Where to «take» hydrogen for this is clear — from water but it is more complicated with carbon — there is no carbon around plants. That’s why indecent researcher mountebank who allegedly proved the participation of carbon in the mythical photosynthesis automatically tall in the saddle. And there are such mountebanks of course. If someone gives money why not to take them?

The evidence of photosynthesis existence with the help of radiation is criminal falsification and its authors must be put into prison because it isn’t a proof of vital necessity of carbon for plants.
Anything can get into plants or animals!
For example, nicotine, alcohol, drugs and other poisons as well as radiation gets into some people, but it doesn’t mean that there is any vital necessity for an organism.
Just vice versa.
Necessity of nourishment can be exposed only by means of hunger and death!

Messieurs scholars, why do you eat if you don’t want and don’t die without it? Do you like to defecate?

Necessity of breathing is defined only by suffocation or death!

However, there has never been recorded any hunger, suffocation, death of plants caused by lack or absence of carbon and (or) oxygen
throughout the whole history of humanity!

Specific experiments also don’t prove any existence of air nourishment and breathing of plants.
In brief: Plants do not eat and do not breathe with the help of their leaves!

It is confirmed by daily planting activity of people.

Absence of plants air nourishment and breathing also confirms specific experiments on isolation of plants from atmosphere under transparent glass or under a film and on growth of plants in the nitrogen atmosphere that doesn’t contain oxygen or carbon dioxide.

There is no synthesis in nature!

All natural sciences are built on the false base!
The photosynthesis theory in modern form must be removed from the textbooks!

Only facts about plants have the right to be there:

«Organic matter (sugar) reproduces in the plant leaves in the light.

Plants take only slightly mineralized water from the environment for their life activity».

And that’s all!!

Dear readers of my site (especially studying youth)! To better memorize this material try to answer following question all by yourself:

Why don’t plants whose leaves are bereaved of the contact with oxygen and carbon dioxide die?

Ask parents, teachers, professors, scientists, education and science leaders.

Besides, try to understand life of the plants all by yourself. For the processes taking place in the plant leaves are only beginning. Plants develop stem, canopy, roots, fruits, root crops, and false fruit.
To achieve it they need cellular tissue, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, other organic matters and only sugar is formed in the leaves.

What happens next? Just think!
I ask you to pay your attention to the level of scientists’ «knowledge» about sugar formation on the plant leaves. Quotation: «СО2 fixation and its reconstruction in Kalvin cycle is usually represented as a process that includes four basic stages»

Carboxylation. On this stage CO2 is added to ribulose bisphosphate (RuBP) — fivecarbon sugar, ribulose, phosphorylated beforehand on both terminal carbon atoms. The obtained unsteady six carbon formation splits forming two threecarbon molecules of phosphoglyceric acids.

(Here in the text there is a lot doubtful formulas covering half the page)

This is fashionable with when they can say nothing essential).
This reaction is catalyzed by water soluble ferment that was called ribulose bisphosphate- carboxylase-oxygenase (RUBISCO).

The extreme importance of this stage of photosynthesis for the biosphere is confirmed by the fact that RUBISCO is the most spread out ferment in the world. Its total quantity on the Earth is 10 million tons or about 20 kg per every inhabitant of the Earth. With the participation of this element by means of solar energy photosynthetic organisms of the Earth assimilate 200million tones of CO2 every year turning it into organic compounds that are used by all living organisms of the planet. RUBISCO is a compound ferment with total molecular mass about 500 000 that is composed out of eight big (with molecular mass of 53000) and eight little (with molecular mass of 13000) protein subunits [4, 5].»

The end of quotation. (In a good sense). Calvin made up a cycle, got a Nobel prize but we for some reason still slave to have something to eat.

But as we see, there is a lot of this RUBISCO, there is a lot of light in deserts, take water from boreholes. Under the Sahara it appears a huge amount of water!

Build in the desert plants of the type «Artificial leaf» – pseudo-scientists «know» everything!

Pump there through pipe liquid carbon dioxide from the industrial centres where different boilers and furnaces are and pump sugar back…

You wish!
All their «scientific knowledge» about plants — is criminal profanity; its purpose is to get a slice of bread with butter. And noone needs to slave.

Wet a pencil and make up stories and grin.

On the forums or in the personal messages people write to me that there is this amount of carbon in the plants, this amount of oxygen…
«Where did they come from if you say that plants do not need carbon and oxygen?» – ask my readers.

This has nothing to do with the feeding of the plants!

The main provision of the scientific approach to research must be the principle of presumption and facts independence.

A fact must be observed and respected even if contradicts all theories and all other facts.

It contradicts today while we haven’t sorted everything out. Tomorrow after the discovery of half-way facts it will occupy its lawful place in the world view.

In modern science the principle of facts superiority is trampled underfoot. That’s why science is like that — sheer lies.
P.S. By the way, animals and humans do not breathe with skin despite the common misconception. Moreover, the air getting under skin can lead to illnesses and even death!

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  1. evkom24

    Я вижу, что автор сайта совершенно прав.
    Проверка и утверждение учебников – прямая обязанность министерства образования. Пусть министр назначит ответственное лицо и всё проверит. Если откажется , нужно писать исковое заявление в суд на министра. По двум статьям: 1. Ненадлежащее исполнение своих обязанностей. 2. Распространение ложной информации.
    Надо создать прецедент.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Самые “вежливые люди” не в Крыму, а во всех официальных конторах. Когда официози получили установку на реагирование по всем заявкам извне, то они на входе посадили людей-роботов, вооруженных набором стандартных отписок и с привязанной к правой ноге пуховой подушкой.
      Я к нему с претензией, а он мне отписку из стопочки. И подушечкой так это вежливо под зад, бац…

  2. Wikki

    , животные и человек тоже не дышат кожей, вопреки распространённому заблуждению
    Можно узнать, где именно это доказано и кто доказал?
    Я вот знаю, что в 2002 году пятеро немецких ученых доказали что кожа дышит и пропускает больше кислорода в кожу, чем учеными считалось ранее

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Попадание воздуха в тело живых организмов происходит только там, где есть органы дыхания. И там есть целый набор условий и мероприятий для этого действа. Дыхание происходит обязательно через стенку, защита от пыли и всяческой заразы, создание необходимого перепада парциальных давлений и так далее. Прямое попадание воздуха через пораненную кожу на мясо чревато болезнью или гибелью. Большинство учёных к сожалению используют метод “что бы ни болтать, лишь бы мелькнуть”, как и вообще все звёзды – кушать-то привыкли бутерброды с икорочкой. Вот поэтому и необходима энциклопедия мировоззренческих фактов. Тогда любой человек будет иметь возможность защитить своё сознание от интеллектуального мусора.

    2. nevadmin Post author

      Что тут доказывать? Дыхание это конкретный природный процесс со своими конкретными же признаками. Ничего подобного при контакте кожи с окружающей средой нет. Кожа и существует для охраны от среды обитания. Хотя абсолютной преградой она быть не может. Микро-дозы веществ попадают и это плохо для организма – приходится бороться. Но ещё никто не насытился через кожу, не утолил жажду, не смог дышать, когда его душили.

  3. Юрий

    У вас в статье “Фотосинтез для инженера” есть очень смешное утверждение:
    В воде, поступившей в листья, практически нет углерода (это легко определяется анализами), поэтому учёные начали разыскивать его источник.
    Странно, но я инженер-водник…
    1. В воде полно углерода, в виде гидрокарбонатов (НСО3-) которых, в зависимости от происхождения водного источника от 0, 1 до 0,7 г/л.
    2. Гидрокарбонаты составляют до 90-95 % щелочности воды – т.е. оттитровав кислотой с метилоранжем вы установите общую щелочность, которая определяется в основном гидрокарбонатами…
    3. Кислорода в зависимости от температуры от 15 мг/л = 0,015 г/л(при 12оС) до 7,2 = 0,0072 г/л(при 12оС)

    P.S. Углерод поступает в растение с водой. Почему этого не хотят знать ученые непонятно, ведь так все складывается …
    P.P.S. Удаление гидрокарбонатной щелочности важный этап умягчения-обессоливание технологических вод на предочистке, как правило известкованием. ТЫСЯЧИ книг и расчетов как ее удалять, как потом удалять в декарбонизаторах СО2 после Н-фильтров.

  4. Владимиp

    Я в восторге от вашей информации !

    Подпишусь под каждым вашим словом. Но я хотел бы развить вашу работу. Вы не искали доказательства тому что воздух на земле результат испарения воды мирового океана ? Это еще одна фенька от офф науки. Я спец по магнитным полям и эфиру и в ваших текстах я нахожу много общего с истиной. Свяжитесь со мной у меня есть к Вам вопросы

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Здравствуйте, Владимир!
      В каком смысле “развить вашу работу”?