Astronomical troubles.

One of the “proofs” of rule of law of universal gravitation is the fact of discovery of the predicted planet. Astronomers observed the planet Uranus and noticed that it deviates from its “legitimate” orbit at certain time moments. One mathematician suggested that the planet is subject to the gravitational influence of the neighboring more distant planets and even figured out where it should be looked for. Thus the planet Neptune was discovered.

And now let’s consider the fact of periodic deviations of planet from its orbit (the so-called orbit perturbation) a little more detailed and without troubles. At the same time let us not forget that the times were different. Very much things in comparison with today were primitive. Including views on the Solar system construction. But the most shameful embarrassment is that these views still remain primitive.

An average reader of my site is not a scientist. So we will not go into the math, and mind the “danger of the descent of the Earth from its orbit”, for example, as a result of the atomic bombing of any of its parts. This draws the attention of scientists again, as one of the possible consequences of nuclear war.

Say, one country bombs another a little earlier and as a result there is a type of jet stream to one side, which accelerates or slows the Earth and, therefore, draws it further or closer to the Sun.

Such hypothetical development follows from the law of universal gravitation and the experience of practical astronautics – to raise the satellite into a higher orbit, it is necessary to switch on the acceleration motors, and to bring it back to the Earth, it is necessary to switch on the brake motors and reduce the linear velocity of the satellite.

Taking into account the experience of practical cosmonautics, scientists say that the Earth after the nuclear war will begin to rotate around the Sun by a more elongated ellipse (a higher orbit), or will go to a lower altitude and, as a result, fall on the Sun. Of course it wouldn’t be able to come back to its present orbit. To do this, it will be necessary to give the return pulse to the Earth, i.e. break through the opposing territories.
Coming back to the mutual influence of the planets, we will have to find a way to return the planet 1 back to its orbit when the effect of the planet 2 ends. After all, the orbit perturbation is the decay from the orbit and the following return to the same orbit. And exactly to the T!

It is clear that if the planet 1 is deviated because of the mutual gravitational attraction of the planet 2, it is necessary that there was the repulsion between them for a while so that to the planets returned to their previous orbits. Or there must be some spring that returns the planets to their orbits. Because the whole experience of human living in a gravitational field, including the man-made experience, says that if the decline began, and the mutual attraction of the planets is a fall, it is possible to correct the situation, that is, to avoid a collision of planets, only be targeted reasonable actions with high cost of energy. Nothing ever happens automatically. Where does the energy come from? Who controls and monitors it?

Oh yes! Newton! I’ve completely forgotten!
I urge astronomers to study simple mechanics before engaging in celestial mechanics and engineers to understand what the astronomers are telling.

It is not enough to sagely pronounce the words “orbit perturbation” and argue that this natural phenomenon is the proof of the law of universal gravity.

It is necessary to justify how the force of gravity which is always directed at the same direction, would be able to implement a consistent movement of celestial bodies in opposite directions – first to knock them out of orbit, and then put them into place. There should be at least the law of gravity and repulsion.

Even a layman will understand that this is impossible. Experience clearly tells him that if, for example, the “Phobos-grunt” began to be attracted by the Earth, then only the force accelerating its orbital motion could save the station from falling. And as the engines of the “Phobos” could not be switched on… fuck it up! That’s what happened!
The fact that the “perturbation” of the orbits of planets and their satellites is one of many proofs of absence of the gravitational attraction between the planets and the Sun.

Moreover it is not important whether the true cause of orbit perturbations of planets is known or not.

The cause may ever be discovered only under this condition.
My Site is mainly addressed to common people. But how can astronomical fakes be relevant to a man from the street?

Once a lover of intellectual games with the surname Wasserman, answering the question of the game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, answered “right” to the question about Uranus and Neptune. That is he gave a bookish answer that the attraction between these planets made it possible to discover Neptune.

Thus Anatoly positioned himself as a voice recorder or a parrot with a good memory. He is not able to analyze anything.

What advice can give a political consultant A. Wasserman? Of course, silly! The same will be with the politics.

So the idiotic concepts from the school textbook of astronomy, which would seem to be completely forgotten and other natural sciences textbooks, lead people on Bolotnaya Square! Indirectly, of course. In virtue of the foolishness acquired in school.
And here is another example of brilliant idiocy of the school astronomy, which, of course, not a single Wasserman and no minister of education passed by, when they were schoolboys:

Here they ask the legitimate question in the spirit of the modern views on the Solar system construction:
“The Sun attracts the Moon 2.5 times stronger than the Earth does. Why, then, the Sun does not separate the Moon from the Earth?”

But they answer in the spirit of the whole science – just a bunch of “smart” words:
“In the theoretical astronautics the concept of the incidence of the body M1 in relation to the body M2 is used. This is an area of space around the body M1, in which the third body m moves freely in accordance with the two-body problem, and the body M2 has only perturbing effect on this movement. It is expressed in the fact that the body M2 seeks to break the gravitational link between the bodies m and M1, giving them different accelerations corresponding to their distances to the M2. Within the incidence of the body M1 acceleration difference of the bodies m and M1, conveyed to them by the body M2 is less than the acceleration of the body m in the gravitational field of the body M1. Therefore, the body M2 can not tear the body m from the body M1.
Let the body M1 be the Earth, the body M2 – the Sun, and the body m – the Moon. Simple calculations show that the maximum DIFFERENCE in acceleration of the Moon and the Earth, created by the Sun, is 90 times less than the average acceleration of the Moon in relation to the Earth.
Diameter of the incidence of the Earth is only one million kilometers, but the distance of the Moon from the Earth is even less – 0.38 million kilometers, i.e. The Moon is within the incidence of the Earth in relation to the Sun.
Therefore, the Sun does not tear the Moon from the Earth, but only deforms its orbit.”
This opus is a sample of complete ignorance and verbiage!
1. Gravitational acceleration is independent of the mass of bodies.
Therefore, the Moon and the Earth will have the same gravitational acceleration on the Sun and their DIFFERENCE is equal to zero.

What are the comrades telling then?
2. During the lunar eclipse, the Sun does not seek to break the attraction between the Moon and the Earth, but on the contrary, strengthens it and wants to drop the Moon on the Earth. And it is, of course, could have happened, if there really was a long-range gravity and the attraction of the Moon by the Sun would be, as stated, 2.5 times stronger than by the Earth.

3.The Sun does not deform the orbit of the Moon!

The orbit is just rocking with a clear long-term return period to its former state. And this rocking does not correspond with the change in the relative position of the Moon and the Sun.

What kind of deformation is it?

It is an even, strict ellipse!
And so on. Try to see other discrepancies yourself. There is enough of them!

They start from the very beginning. The statement that the Sun attracts the Moon, and even 2.5 times stronger than the Earth is not a fact but a fiction. It is impossible to measure! It’s just a Newton’s mindset!
Once I asked a very intelligent man to comment on this absurd and ignorant explanation of the facts. He replied: “People are gregarious creatures and the need for education lies in their genes – a baby is born with clean brains. That is, a complete confidence in a word is incorporated in a person’s genes. For example, you can tell anything about the fact why the Moon does not fall on the Earth or the Sun, – it still doesn’t fall! That is, the very fact is its own proof!”

Oh, it’s not difficult to deceive me!..

I delude myself happily! (translator’s note: A. Pushkin. Confession)
A man from his birth lives in conditions of gravitation (attraction of the Earth). Everyone has large experience of study of its laws. However a stump called Newton comes and argues that the subject will not fall under its own weight, and will start to rotate around the object that attracts it (!!!) (the so-called law of universal gravitation).

Has anyone seen this?

Or is it possible to prove it experimentally, for example, throwing objects from the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Under the influence of gravity (weight) bodies can only fall on each other, connect, and nothing else – that’s why it is called attraction.

However people still believe the stump and even call him a genius!
The law of gravity is like a Goebbels’s law because it is composed by the principle “the more absurd the lies is, the more likely the crowd is to believe it!”
Once Mr. Newton put on thinking cap.

He bites a goose-quill and says to himself: “What is the reason for planets’ revolving around the Sun? Inertia? Does not go well! I had written myself that by inertia a body can only move forward or be at rest. Moreover planets continuously change their speed. For such extravagances a power is needed!

I’ll whoop up the force of gravity here! No matter that it can not be the cause of rotation, because it is perpendicular to the direction of motion of the planets. When they study it out, it will last my time with glory!”
And a man eats it with his head!

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