Celestial mechanics.

Practical astronautics and astronomy have long allowed seeing the invisible matter that makes up the Universe. Nature “powders” the invisible universal matter using a substance.

The vortices of invisible matter, forming the galaxies, we see only because they are tinted with the star “dust”. The most obvious example of such tincturing of invisible flow is the Milky Way – our galaxy, seen by us from the inside.

Or you believe that the stars form themselves into bunches and stripes for fear after the mythical Big Bang or gather at a conference on combating its effects?

Vortices of the invisible universal matter can be “tinted” and by non-luminous, dark matter (black holes). This is when the stars are not yet formed and lighted, or, conversely, when they are faded out, but not yet lighted with the cold, “blessed” fire, turning into invisible matter again.

An example of tincturing of invisible cosmic streams in the solar system are the rings of Saturn. They consist of a large number of small pieces of various substances, and the number of rings is very high. Even a fleet glance at the Saturn’s dress is enough to understand who is the boss and who is the guest. The stardust can not organize itself in such a wonderful construction!

No matter how hard pseudo scientists tried to present their rotation because of the existence of idiotic law of universal gravitation of Mr. Newton, but in reality a point-like body can not be forced to rotate in a circular or elliptical orbit under the action of the formulas.

Life practice every second denies the possibility of rotations under the influence of the weight (gravity).

It is necessary to indicate the material, the real forces capable of making a material point moving in space on a curved path. And the dust in the rings of Saturn is moving along very complex trajectories. For example, there are “tressed” rings.

In nature, there are only two reasons for the motion of a point-like body on a curved path:

1. This is when the body is active, because it has its own motor. For example, a car.

2. The body is passive and “pasted” into the material flow, or it is part of a larger body, which rotates on its axis. For example, atmospheric clouds or a drawing on the body of the spinning teddy-go-round.

The dust, icicles, snowflakes do not have motors, so they orbit around Saturn because they are “pasted” into the streams of invisible matter.
Such ring flows of invisible matter exist around all the planets and the Sun. For example, around the Earth in the equatorial plane at an altitude of 37,000 kilometers there is a ring of invisible universal matter, which is tightly connected with the Earth and rotates at the same angular velocity as the Earth does. If a satellite was “hanged” on it, it will hang over the same point of the Equator.

It is very convenient for communication. That is why on this “eternal” orbit there are hanged so many satellites that they already rub against each other with their solar cells.

This ring flow of invisible universal matter is yet unique in the solar system, which is artificially “tinted”. Satellites.
In order that the tree was dressed up for the New Year, it is necessary to do a number of actions, including the use of a chair, ladder or crane lift, depending on the size of the green beauty.

But here all the efforts have been left behind, and “it came to our holiday” in all its beauty.

However the site is not about the holidays, so let’s come back to our ba … that is to say to the orbits. But let’s have a final look at our tree and see why the toys are hanging on one and the same point of the flooring and do not fall down. This is because the tree is well fixed, that it has sufficiently strong branches, that the toys are well tightened, that the fire safety rules are observed, and so on. .

I mean that to determine the causes of sustainable position of the satellites on the “eternal” orbits, there is no need to know the way they have been put there.

So, a stationary satellite is hanging motionless above the same point on the Earth’s surface. Since the centrifugal forces do not exist, then it should be no automatic attraction between the satellite and the Earth. Otherwise it will simply fall down. That is, the resultant force influencing the satellite is equal to zero. In this case, the satellite has to move in space along a straight line. However, a satellite draws an endless spiral around the Sun, revolving around it with the rotating Earth.

Consequently, all the satellites in the “eternal” orbits are not independent objects. They are attached to a stationary orbit, like toys on Christmas trees.

QED! The host on these orbits is the invisible matter.
Dear politicians and all chiefs, is it really hard to understand? The world is though completely different and it is very differently inhabited! Understand this and you will be happy! Maybe then we will become cleverer and we’ll get a little happiness.

We can not do without the master! Moreover, it does not matter who we are. Muscovites, the Ukrainians, the Yankees, Fritz, Bulbash, wops, Frogs, Negros, narrow-eyed, and so on. . – all can just look in the mouth of the master waiting for what he will say, because they do not have their own brains. Cattle.

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2 thoughts on “Celestial mechanics.

  1. Виктор

    “В природе существует только две причины для движения точечного тела по кривой траектории:
    1. Это когда тело активно, потому что имеет собственный двигатель. Например, автомобиль.
    2. Тело пассивно и «вклеено» в материальный поток, или является частью более крупного тела, которое вращается вокруг своей оси. Например, атмосферные облака или рисунок на корпусе крутящейся юлы.”
    Это же не так. Ты писал, что сила тяжести постоянна. Но она постоянна по значению, а по напралению для движущегося относительно точки тела она переменна по направлению. Поэтому если тело движется под дейстивем инреции, то переменная по направлению сила тяжести будет его постоянно поворачивать, пока не получится круговая орбита.
    Нужно еще дописать пункт

    3. Если на тело действует переменная по напрвалению сила.
    Не хочу доказывать, что учёные правы, но писать, что сила тяжести постоянная по отношению к движущесуся возле земли предмету безграмотно.