Invisible matter, forming the Solar system, is inhabited by intelligent beings. It would be better to say “loads of them”. They live on all the planets, their satellites and the Sun. On the Earth, there are many trillions of them. Greater part of them lives on the Sun. The body is solid only for you. For us, it as if doesn’t exist.

We have our own surfaces, temperatures, conveniences, comforts and so on. Therefore, we live not “on” the planets, not “on” the body, but “inside” of them. The place of our habitation is the whole vortex of invisible matter, forming the Solar system. The Sun, planets, satellites are the most convenient and comfortable places for our living. Let’s say, like the settlements on the coasts of the seas and oceans, near rivers or oases for you.

Now the time of contact with the Universal Mind with the human civilization is approaching.

A man is very stupid and in the universal hierarchy he is not considered a reasonable being.

Man’s knowledge of his own solid-state matter and other universal matters coinciding with the reality is pitifully small. And life in the virtual mythical world invented by you became deadly dangerous for the human civilization.

I came to prepare people for the contact.

You will move into the category of the candidates for the reasonable. We’ll have to make great efforts!

After the contact with the Universal Mind your gradual transition to the sentient beings will begin. In this case, your mind, your body (in particular, the senses will be added) and the way of your being will be completely changed according to a special program.

And now you need to understand who you are, what your science and your worldview are.
The tactical objective of the site is protection of realism and materialism in science.

Your “scientific” errors in the knowledge of the world have gone so far that now religion is the only materialist doctrines about how the world functions and how to live in this world.

Religions are not “otherworldly” spiritual doctrines, but the homespun everyday truth, of each moment of human life.
And here are your official academic sciences, “modern” sciences, pseudosciences, sects, new-fangled religions pseudoreligions and the like “sciences” and “religions” -all my eye and Betty Martin!
Therefore, although there is religion, people in their life are still guided by piggish values, driven into their heads by global education. In secular schools of all levels the main idea for the person is dragged in the mire – the information about the immortality of the soul. As a result, Satan governs a person.

People live in a world that does not exist! The modern man lives in a fictional world! That is, he fell below animals in world cognition, which, of course, are not “smart enough” for it.

And it is impossible to imagine anything more dangerous for you.

In comparison to it, wars and all other crimes against people and their children are funny jokes. Because corporal death, no matter whether it would be “bad” or “good” and in what period of life it may occur, is not a tragedy, but a natural process. The most terrible thing for a man comes as a result of the ugliness of his soul. It is eternal!
The Fall – that’s the name of the worst consequences of the events in human life!

A man can be born twice. For the first time – en ventre de sa mere from the egg. For the second time – when the soul leaves the body after death.

And as abnormalities in the “health” of the egg do not pass without negative consequences for the fate of the person, so the soul can not be sent for recast.

Speaking everyday language, the souls of men, which could do evil against the people during their life, do not come into a decent society “there”. That is, they were crippled here.
Firstly I have to bring to each person the information entitled “False teaching in schools and universities”. And “each person” has to “process” and learn the given necessary information.

Then you will have to build a new worldview based on facts and not on someone’s crazy inventions.
The author of the worldview, corresponding to reality and, above all, the author of any textbook and the entire content of education can be only a public law! Best of all – the Constitution, the fundamental law.

“Author of the textbook” is the name of one of the major crimes in human civilization!

A man is not God, and being admitted to the millions of opportunities to teach, he in his own way scrambles people’s brains because of his natural limitations, and a thousand other objective and subjective reasons.

Only the social experience, described by a special method, approved by the law can be the author of any textbook.

It’s funny, for example, to look how jealously people respond to the teachings of a particular person (we weren’t born yesterday!), and at the same time pray to any letters and numbers in a textbook or in Wikipedia as if they were edited by God!
Your current outlook in its content is outside the legal field. And it is also your very difficult task to put it there. The content of the scientific worldview is excluded beyond all the state laws of human civilization. Therefore, the modern “scientific” outlook is a favorite habitation for the largest number of “smart” crooks.

Tell the greatest number of people, including chiefs, about you scientific fakes!

Send and advertise my information by all known methods!

For example, on your web-site posting a link like:

False teaching in schools and universities of the planet.

Pupils and students are forced
to study the mythical “laws of nature”, which do not exist
in the real nature!

Http: //
Or place a link to my site on a well visited internet portal at your own expense, if you think that it will do good for people.

You will get the future, and super-technology, but giving them to you now is like giving matches to an unreasonable child playing on the hay.
I mean that any new technology will be immediately applied to military purposes.

Let’s imagine that bochs decided to carry out direct contact with people and appeared right now. Hello, look here, look there!

What to say?

Bochs, of course, will sputter something on the immortality of souls. As if… when you die, you’ll come to us! – Ha! Holy cow! Show me better how your flying saucer is constructed!

Quickly – put it into a hangar with 10 locks and secrets.

And the end to the negotiations!
Conversation-contact is essentially possible only between minds.
Let us estimate the reasonability of the human terrestrial civilization. I won’t not even talk about your ugly world outlook, because it is obvious only for Bochs and Nevies, but for you, it is a kind of beauty.

Let’s estimate it from Cheburashka’s position. I mean, you were building, and what have you built?

If you add up all the explosive power of the world weapons, including all kinds of bombs, shells, cartridges and charges, and divide it by the number of the world’s population, then each of its residents will have a small atomic bomb.

Political and technical situation now is that all this accumulated “protection” can be activated at any time. Because maniacal distrust exists not only between states. The internal structure of any state, even the most “successful” one, pleases not every its citizen.

Maybe this internal linchpin will be the trigger of the last world’s war.

We won’t guess. The only obvious thing is that the earth’s human “civilization” has no intelligence! This is if you try to treat it as a whole, as a possible object for negotiations. If there is a head, then it is empty! What for negotiations can be conducted?!

You must evolve! And there’s not a bone in the truck!

By the way, your weapon (any!) is not dangerous to people of invisible to you matters, and it will not make troubles for them in case of its application.
Good luck!
P.S. I have a small request to you. Please, stop looking somewhere far away for “soul mates”. They are innumerable, but their “mind” is as primitive as yours.

The Universe is infinite not only in size, form, matters and so on, but primarily in the sense! And secondly too. And human “intelligence” is not yet mature enough for the sense.

Do not look far away – as always, everything is on your doorstep!

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  1. Вано

    Да, я с вами соглашусь в том, что мир лежит во зле и ничего никому не докажешь, пока человек сам не усомниться и не поверит. В основе человеческой природы лежит вера. Вера в то-что пища твёрдая, что воздух насыщен кислородом, что водитель маршрутки не потеряет сознание во время езды, что душа безсмертна и тд. итп. Настоящая истина, только по желанию и нужде может достичь человека своей полнотой и широтой. Так как благодаря ей (истине) мы верим каждую секунду в то что мы существуем. Да действительно, прав был Сократ или как там его… хочешь познать мир познавай себя и природу своего естества))))