The war.

You can’t say that the inhabitants of the invisible matter do not know this word. We have enough hardships.
But I’ll tell you about it later.
Now I’ll talk about the roots of the struggle for existence, and, in particular, about your cold and hot war.
When potatoes, tomatoes and corn were brought from America to Europe as new crops, it was certainly good. But when tobacco, Colorado beetle or white American butterfly came in Europe the same way, it was bad.

There should be barriers to entry of all unwanted into personal and social life.

The nature puts greater emphasis on this trend in its construction. Organisms are arranged so that the immune system is a principal. Every single person also continuously defends against external influences: these are clothing, housing and a host of other things. And society constantly monitors the quality of everything coming into the country and produced within the country.

Among all that is happening on the planet Earth, the most crucial for humans is the reproduction of stone on water and organics on these hydrogen “preserves”. Water either directly turns into stone, which is expressed, for example, in the salinity of the oceans, or through the organics – first water in leaves transforms into organic, whereby a humus is formed, and then soil is converted into stone (into clay or sand). Stone is an aggressor, water and organic “eaten” by it defense as best they could.

The whole surface of the Earth is alive and aggressive. Periodically there appear areas (spots) most favorable for the reproduction of stone, aggressive spots. In this case, vegetation starts to multiply intensely on their surface. This, in turn, causes increased proliferation of animals and humans. Excess energy and resources for its filling leads to a violent society. As a result, usually begins a war.

Where there were the spots of active reproduction of stone, eventually deserts arise as a result of advancing proliferation of stone before organics. In the area of Mongolia there is such a spot. Now there is a desert, but once there were grazing flocks on the rich vegetation pastures under which stone (sand) rapidly multiplied. Then aggressive society of nomadic tribes brought a lot of grief to its neighbors.

Regarding the origin of the deserts “everything is clear” in your science – the erosion of soil and the change of climate.
The scientists say, the offensive of sands like in the desert Sahara is possible.
But where does this amount of sand come from? There was none when all the Sahara was covered with vegetation!
And what is meant by the words “offensive of sands”? After all, if the sand does not multiply, there, where it “comes from” should be no longer any dust particles left. Rocks are not made of sand, so they can not be its source.

In addition, a separate grain of sand is not a fragment structurally.
It is well seen without a microscope, that it is an independent unit.
Sand is a version of the first cobblestone in the modern conditions of its “residence.” Sand appears when these conditions occur and multiplies successfully.
“Everything is clear” to your science in the issue of salinity of the world ocean. However, a planet is a closed system, so it is absolutely incorrectly to speak of the origin of the salinity due to evaporation. In a closed system, all the evaporated water is returned back into the ocean, and as a result water remains fresh. The salinity of the world’s oceans could not have come due to flushing of salts from the continents either. There hasn’t ever been such amount of salt on the land. Initially, there was no salt on the Earth at all. When the world ocean was fresh, only mountains were sticking out of the water somewhere. Continents are rinsed with fresh water since their inception.

Salt is also a version of the first cobblestone and it appears when its time comes and multiplies since then. On other planets there have been such cases (and hence their number is infinite in space and time), when the world’s ocean, upon reaching a certain salinity, suddenly instantly turned into a piece of salt.

Aggressive African, Saharan spot has long been moving to Western Europe by metastasis. In recent history, the “hottest” manifestation of aggressiveness of the European spot was the emergence of fascism. At that phenomenon, aggressiveness, as one of the properties of solid-state matter is converted into invisible matter and comes with the souls of the dead media of cannibalistic worldview into the invisible universal matter and other matters, causing trouble there.

In the invisible matter, there are ways to combat this plague, but it is difficult for them to cope with a large influx of souls of cannibals. Such a situation arises when fascism wins on the planet and becomes a planetary worldview. There are technologies to prevent the victory of fascism in the invisible universal matter.

Intelligence is a way of existence of matter, and sentient beings are just a small part of the universal natural intelligence. The more sentient the beings are, the closer they are to the natural intelligence. Therefore, when I say “bochs did so-and-so”, it mostly means natural phenomena.

Before the rain ants hide and close all the “windows” and “doors” in the anthill. It is clear that none of them watched the horizon and gave orders. The nature is reasonable. For example, to provide living, fight for survival, reproduction, and other problems for the only blade of grass, it is necessary to remove, process, and use so much information that all computers will not be enough.

The universal memory is infinite and stores all events on all ever existed Lands. Therefore bochs started to arrange the events of 1941 -1945 on the Earth long before barbarian tribes came to Europe. Victory Day was appointed on May 9 1945 immediately after the overthrow of the Tartar Yoke in Ancient Rus.

An aggressive society is necessarily an evolving and progressive society. Germany marched confidently towards the sole possession of nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. It was necessary to destroy fascism before it happened.

A well known natural way of a “wounded bird” was chosen, when a brood-hen provokes an attack on itself, leading the predator away from the nest.
No one attacks the strong. It was necessary to create an objectively weak state with a hidden winning potential. A sort of a coveted prize for the aggressor, which he could not refuse, but would choke on it and die.

The socialist revolution of 1917 and Stalin’s repressions were carried out in Russia. The purpose of these actions was to deprive people of the opportunity to survive separately from the public pot. The bulk of the people had nothing, including freedom, so any disobedience meant death.

Millions of practically unarmed soldiers were about to be put in line of fire and each of them had to be sure that the escape from the battlefield also meant a certain death. In addition, every soldier, going up the line, actually left his family and beloved ones as hostages of the state.

Definitely, the indoctrination in the spirit of collectivism and passionarity, the education of heroism in particular, played a role, but when a man was practically unarmed against a tank, he forgot about everything except that he had no other ways out and fought till the last breath often because of desperation.

Corporal death of a person is his birth in the invisible matter, so bochs do not consider the death of the Soviet soldiers a loss. Moreover, all the killed and dead of wounds Soviet soldiers, Stalin’s prisoners and the dead from hunger, were well arranged in the invisible universal matter and other matter. The victims of the first world war on the Russian side, the revolutions of 1905 and 1917, and the Civil war also live there well. Speaking the religious language, they went to Heaven.

All losses in the world wars and the Great Patriotic War were on the German side and on the side of its allies. Long before the war and during the war the souls of cannibals are castaway; they are outside the inner space. They continue coming there now. Common losses of the “civilized” barbarian tribes are many tens of millions of souls. When a new galaxy will be formed, they will be seized by a whirlwind of the invisible universal matter and turn into stone. Speaking the religious language, they will to Hell. Such situation does not please bochs at all. They are a technological civilization, and they are always excited about the new addition of “anthropogenic” souls but not ugly creatures.

The dirtiest land on the planet is now the territory of the “big” Germany. It is still the main source of aggression in Europe. Almost all the dead on the “dirty” land go to Hell. Europe will relatively soon turn into a desert. Then goes the territory of the USA – the main source of aggression in the world. Thus, I do not recommend the Siberians and other Russians born and die in Germany and the United States – you will be suspected in cannibalism when your soul after death comes into the invisible matter.

The soul, mutilated by the misanthropic ideology is very dangerous for the nevi and bochs. In the invisible matter it behaves like bacteria and viruses of the dangerous to human life diseases.

It parasites on us.
We call ourselves the same way as you do – people, so the aggressive freak-souls are called cannibals. Solid body is a way of mixing the nonequilibrium invisible universal matter, during which first kmars are formed, then hydrogen, then stone, which eventually burns with cold fire. The progression from kmars to stone is carried out by the method when each solid object goes forth and multiplies, devouring everything around him what he can. The corresponding valses are obtained. People with these souls do not qualify for a good place in the invisible matter. At best they equal to the souls of plants and animals.

The sensible world has its own permit system. Your soul must have certain properties and the ability to “get into a decent society” in the invisible universal matter. It is very simple to acquire the desired qualities of the soul – you need to keep the commandments of Christ. That is – do not kill, do not steal, do not covet other people’s property and do not wish bad things to your neighbor … and further on the known list of unacceptable actions by way of universal munchies at transition of a solid body from kmars to stone.
The name bochs call this way of existence and development of a solid body, this munchies, is Satan.
During the corporal life of a man, in his vals (soul) the sleeping “gemmas of growth” are laid. At birth in the invisible universal matter after corporal death, these sleeping growth centers wake up and turn into the senses, the organs of power, movement, livelihood, protection and other necessary for life in the invisible universal matter. On the growth centers established in your soul while living in the body depends your life after corporal death. The driving power of murder, theft and other nasty things is universal munchies of all by all.
In the ongoing struggle against Satan, that what will provide him with a decent existence among intelligent beings after the death is put in the human soul. Ideal is a state of mind, when a person can not even think of bad deeds, and not just forces himself not to do bad things, giving the finger behind one’s back. At perfect condition of the soul, even while living in the body, a person may discover unusual abilities. They may show up, for example, after a clinical death, when the soul leaves the body for the time long enough for the gemmas of growth to “swell”. Then the suddenly revived man discovers psychic and other unusual abilities. But it is bad for the person. Just as the winter thaw provokes leafing that will inevitably die after returning of frost. Everything ends safely only in case of full compliance of the state of the soul of the person with the commandments of Christ. People should make every effort to get rid of the fashionable now psychic, magical, and other unusual abilities, rather than develop them.

If you must have these abilities, then angels will definitely tell you about it. Otherwise, you’ll get nothing but harm. So people need to take special care of the state of the soul and thoughts. Of course to keep the commandments of Christ.

Bochs are in a continuous war with Satan for people. This is first of all, informing the person about the immortality of his soul. This is the Bible, the Koran and other religious books. This is prophets. This is the Christ.

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4 thoughts on “The war.

  1. Виктор

    В мифы о дыхании растений не веришь, а в исторические о татаро-монголах и сталинских репресиях веришь. Смех. Биологи и физики вруны, а историки честнейшие люди.

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Я внук репрессированных крестьян.
      Вот, допустим, Вы – большевик или из правой сотни, или из других представителей новой власти.
      Когда вы будете кулачить крестьян?
      Правильно – осенью!
      На Алтае была почти осень. На реке Ангаре была уже осень с первым снегом. Крестьян побогаче, кто в чём был, внезапно погрузили в их же телеги, потом в товарные вагоны, потом на баржи. Выгрузили на диком берегу Ангары. Бараки строили сами из свежесрубленных деревьев. Стены не держали тепло. В сильные морозы они покрылись льдом. В более тёплое время по стенам стекала вода. В эту первую зиму сразу или от её последствий умерло больше половины насильно переселённых.

  2. Евгений

    Наверно, и Наполеона кто-нибудь вёл по жизни и спасал. Его как-бы поддерживал какой-то дух. Для чего же он уничтожил такую массу народа? Неужели это кому-нибудь надо? Имеет какую-то высшую цель? С человеческой кочки зрения это очень негуманно.