Protection against earthquakes.

The current set of scientific facts in each case allows you to have a more or less accurate picture of a natural phenomenon or object.

However, facts are not taken into account by the same scientists and they give an absurd portrait of the world around you.

For example, when they tried to guess the internal structure of the Earth, only one fact was taken into account – the increase in the soil temperature with the increase the depth of drilling. On the average, the temperature increases by 30 degrees per 1 kilometer of penetration.
However, there are maps of echolocation, but as there is no code for their decryption, they are still “codified”. And the code can only appear when it is known what is there inside the planet!

Such a vicious cycle in an attempt to examine the internal structure of the Earth by echolocation!
Pseudo-scientists multiplied kilometers (the Earth’s radius) on the thermal gradient (30), did a decent reduction (as it turned out almost 200 thousand degrees – too much!) And drew in the center of the Earth 5000 degrees Celsius “out of the blue”.

Correspondingly, the density of the Earth, according to their comprehension, is increasing with the depth and it is very high in the center.

The pressure is also growing and in the center, in their assumptions, it is very high.

The nucleus of the Earth is supposedly melted.
To understand the picture of the internal structure of the planet “drawn” by the scientists better, let us “lessen” the Earth to the size of a billiard ball.
The planet itself we will not touch.

Everything’s relative, so we’d better “greaten” the observer 260 million times. In the view of this giant the Earth will be of a billiard ball.

Then the mythical thickness of the crust in his measurements will be 2 microns under the ocean, and up to 25 microns on land. That is almost zero.

Scientists take up the average density of the Earth as the density of iron.
Thus, we have the “iron” ball with the temperature of 15 degrees on the surface, but inside – the deeper the more overheated it is, with the liquid state in the center with the temperature of 5000 degrees.
Is it possible?
Of course not!
Such a state of a dense, heat-conducting body can exist in two cases: when supernatant liquid is quenched from the outside or when the cold ball is very quickly heated in the center.

However both statuses can last only for a moment.
The melt is not able to get cool so rapidly without tragic consequences for it.

The ball will break in flinders due to a sharp thermal contraction of the upper layers and their instant cracking! Even if it is made of the best Damascus steel.
If 5000 degrees arose at some point at the center of our ball as a result of a heat-liberating process, it will turn into an exploded frag in a moment.

The heat does not like tightness!
That is, one piece of thick solid body, cold on the surface and melted inside can not exist in the nature for quite a significant time.

Let it be the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the core of the Tsar Cannon or a billiard ball – neither by natural nor by artificial way a high-temperature melting can not exist in the middle of them.

In reality everything happens exactly contrariwise – a solid body, being heated externally, can get melted on the top, remaining cold inside.

At cooling it cools inside first.

In these cases, there is no destruction of the body, because there is no unacceptable thermal expansion and contraction.

And it is well known to all people!
Experiment: Tin or lead or other substance is melted in the refractory crucible. Then, the temperature at the center of the melt and on its periphery during cooling and crystallization of the sample is measured using the special thermocouples.

The temperature in the center of the melt upon cooling is always smaller than on the periphery and it is so until the complete cooling of the crucible.
The average surface temperature is 15 degrees Celsius, so the temperature in the center of the Earth can not be more than 15 degrees. And given the fact that the Earth is heated by the Sun from the outside, the temperature in the center of the Earth is from -5 to 0 degrees.
The fact that drilling temperature increases, clearly points to the fact that in the Earth’s interior there are heat-liberating processes. And not in the center of the planet, but relatively close to its surface.
Modern “scientific” theory of the internal structure of the Earth is a clear fake to a huge shame for academicians and engineers. Science is nowhere near!

Underground realities.
Base matter forming the Solar system is invisible to the man and his devices.

At the same time it is clearly visible through its manifestations in the visible human nature, for example, in the construction of the Solar system, but here you need to “see” with your brains, and the man, unfortunately, is stupid.
Solid body is one way of existence of dark matter. Invisible universal matter is involved in all the processes occurring in the solid body.

The Earth is a living, constantly growing stone.
The most active growth occurs as on the surface of the planet, so below the surface up to the depth of approximately 100 – 150 kilometers.

The zone of the most active growth of the planet is determined by the boundaries of statistical data on the earthquake’s epicenters.
The substance is a “translucent” obstacle to the invisible matter, so invisible winds blow inside the planet with a certain regularity and the “weather”, corresponding to the material situation in a particular place, develops.
Human settlements, especially large cities alter the properties of the atmosphere and create a microclimate around. This is well known.
But people do not know that cities create a “microclimate” in the planet’s interior under them as well.

As a result in the vicinity of the city underground there can be formed a “cyclone” of invisible matter and then a “storm” begins.

On the surface happens an earthquake.
Underground explosions happen due to the instantaneous multiplication of energy matter and nitrogen on khmars, hydrogen and water.

Most major cities in the world have already formed earthquake zones under them, so there is a need for the timely liquidation of these zones.
People have learned to influence the weather to some extent. For example, they can “dissipate” clouds or can protect agricultural crops from hail.

It is time to protect cities from earthquakes.

It is necessary to learn to influence the underground “weather” at least within a particular city and its suburbs.
The Earth has no crust. There are no tectonic shifts of the mythical plates. Underground explosions occur in the zone of active reproduction of the stone, when conditions for the instantaneous mass reproduction of energy matter and nitrogen on khmars, hydrogen and water arise. The formation of the conditions for the explosion can be influenced. For example, the cities create such conditions in the depths beneath them by their existence. It is necessary to learn how to find and dissipate the underground cyclones in the areas of human settlements.

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