Energetic fallacy.

False scientific idea of energy is closely related to the theories of the Sun and planets’ structure. In the basis of it lies long ago worm-eaten M.V.Lomonosov’s molecular-kinetic theory .
Childish babble about the trees that sway and thus cause wind is well-known.

When a scientists looks at the flame and its flame forks going up, he or she explains it by the stream of hot reaction products that are lighter than air rushing up

And thus resemble children that confuse reason with result.
The reality is the following: Molecular-kinetic theory is pure imagination that has nothing to do with reality.

All thermal processes are ensured by energy matter. It is lighter than gravity matter and that’s why it «floats to the surface» in it and takes with it combustion products.
Experiment: We take metal and non-metal rod with high thermal conductivity and fix them vertically.
After that we heat the rod from below and cool the top of it.

Along the whole length in equal intervals we measure the temperature of the rod. Data is written down.

Then vice versa — the top of the rod is being heated and the bottom end is being cooled. And thus along the whole length of the rod we measure the changes of temperature in the same places.

In both cases we measure the time of rod warm up for every stretch of its length.

To exclude external cooling or warming of the rod including at the expense of convection, we isolate it from the atmosphere leaving exposed only butt-ends.
Comparing the data obtained in the course of the experiment you will see that it easier to heat the rod from below than from above because energy matter is lighter than gravity matter and rises to the surface in it.
The data obtained in the course of the experiment is more eloquent when the heating of the rod takes place in the centrifuge. Energy matter is «drained» from the rod in the same way linen is drained in centrifuge.
The planet Earth has a belt of energy matter active reproduction that is situated relatively not deep below surface. But the warm up inside the planet is impossible because energy rises to the surface in the gravity field. That’s why in the centre of the Earth the temperature is around 0°C.

On the Sun gravity force is very high that’s why the temperature in the centre of this star is 150 °C degrees below zero. Gravity matter «squeezes» energy matter from the Sun’s interior.

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      Просто логичнее. Ведь то, что там миллионы градусов совсем уж нереально. Из практики терроризма мы знаем, что в этом случае будет взрыв.