A fake called atom.

Scientific solecism about the Solar system construction is closely connected with the endless scientific nonsense about the construction of “the smallest particle of matter” – atom.

There certainly are the forces of attraction between the nucleus and the electrons, because the core scientists “charged” positively, and the electrons – negatively.

But given the meager distance between the charges, Coulomb force of attraction will be very high.

To overcome them, the electrons must be accelerated to velocities much greater than the speed of light and maintain the speed of a strictly defined value so that the electrons on the one hand, do not fall into the nucleus, and on the other hand – do not fly far away.

As pseudo-scientists do not traditionally call the cause of the rotation of electrons around the nucleus, do not call the source of energy for this movement, and do not call the natural way of automatic saving of the “drawn” by them spatial dynamic construction, the atom model of Bohr-Rutherford is an undoubted fake.

Teaching it in schools and universities is a crime.
Oh! Excuse me, please! You can easily put everything right! You just need to add the postulate of Galkin, that is my postulate:

When electrons move in a stationary Bohr orbits, the material cause of the motion is not needed, because there are formulas.

Now everything is fine, you can teach it to the kids!

If anyone else sees any inconsistence in the atom model of Bohr-Rutherford-Galkin, write to me – I’ll correct it. I can!
Jokes apart, the reality is this:

There is a minimum amount of matter.

If you pinch off a bit of the substance of it or divide it, the substance disappears. Kmars and energy matter, which do not possess the properties of the substance, remain.
In nature there is a single object with the properties of the substance. It is even logically impossible.

For example, how can a round, solid ball-atom, into which the minimum amount of the substance quietly turned, possess fluidity, viscosity, compressibility, and so on?

Knowing the code of a substance or a body, you can collect the same in any other place of the existing there “improvised material” without “dragging” the entire source matter.

That is the object is “dismantled” to kmars here, the code is written and according to the “records” the object is collected where they want.
Bokhs possess this technology.
Everything has an invisible entity – the soul. The soul is not dismantled into parts, it is transferred entirely. The body is collected and connected to the soul.

Before the migration of the reasonable in a new galaxy before our galaxy will cease to exist, all the dead people will be recreated using available database codes and reunited with their souls. Thus, they will rise together with the alive on the stand.

This is a righteous measure, loyal to a man and carried out in the interests of people. They will look who’s normal and who is to be set right.

You shouldn’t sin while living in the body.

“Defected” are not killed, but are left. They are just not able to participate in the migration.

As, for example, a cardiac can not work on the orbiting space station.

“Irreparable” sinners continue to live their eternal life with animals and plants.
In nature, there is no object called “atom” with the proton-neutron “positive” nucleus, surrounded by a “negative” electron cloud. Such a construction is not possible. The substance is arranged on entirely different principles.

“Objects” called proton, neutron, electron, and other “elementary particles” actually represent different types of energy matter.

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2 thoughts on “A fake called atom.

  1. Мухин

    Я не верю в атомизм. Но есть вопрос к автору – существуют ли серьезные научные работы (может быть были раньше) доказывающие непрерывное строение вещества и опровергающие атомизм? Если честно то на гипотезе атома держиться вся наша современная наука (лженаука), убери атом и науку надо создавать заново!

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Непрерывное строение вещества это факт нашего существования. Мы каждый день только так вещество и видим. Но на этот факт наложена легенда-теория атомно-молекулярного строения вещества. Доказательств такому устройству мира нет, невзирая на периодически появляющиеся заявления о фотографиях атомов, например, водорода. Самое смешное в этих фотографиях то, что на них изображено нечто круглое, очень похожее на изначальную и живую до сих пор планетарную модель атома. Это же надо так угадать! Ну, прямо экстрасенсы! Конечно же этому верить не получается. Я бы, например, больше поверил фотографии атома в виде нити, треугольника, спирали, но никак не круглый.
      Чтобы убрать атом, достаточно убрать фотосинтез. Наука от этого только выиграет.