Myths about evolution

«Evolution» can be translated as «development».

All your theories about evolution-development refer to concrete species or at the farthest to the group of species. It seems that each species can adapt by itself. Moreover, the species is separated from the nature and tries to catch up with it. If it fails — then it’s too late!

Every word has a certain meaning. The word «to adapt» means that nature has changed already and species at that time was in Egypt perhaps, sailed on «Beagle» or just slept.

It wakes up and sees! Everyone walks around with mobile phones, drives cool cars around girls and he, the species is still in red shirt and straw shoes. He had to catch up! Obviously it happens not like this in nature!

Any designer of complex technologies will tell you that it is impossible to build a modern aircraft changing separately aggregates of brothers Wright’s aeroplane. One must change the whole construction at one time. The succession of new generations of aircrafts is required.

And each generation is first born in the form of information «on the sheet of paper»

Moreover, there is no sense in the construction of not incorporated «in life» complex product. For example, you built a new military super aircraft but you did not equip it with weapon and electronics of the new generation, did not create the relevant ground and outer space infrastructure — your aircraft will be easily destroyed by the enemy.

Nature is one unity and it changes as the whole and none catches up with none and none outruns anyone.

The study of the evolution of separate species is foolishness.

Every species appears as ready-made form when nature requires it.

Accidental appearance of a species by the way of gradual change of the already existing species is not possible at all because every species is created by nature as an objective necessity already built it into the nature. It has its own specific task and its mission is to accomplish this task and not to produce infinite number of clones.

On the contrary species tries hard to stay unchanged, not to interbreed and not to be «lost» in the crowd. But inconstancy really exists because the whole nature, all the species change simultaneously in the global progression towards total fossilization and also it exists as manifestation of different intraspecific deviations and abnormalities that the species fight constantly.

This reality getting into the hands of the mountebanks such as Charles Darvin and his successors allows them to manipulate public conscience.

It is not important for them that there is no known case when one concrete species turned into another by the way of gradual natural changes and natural selection.

It is not important for them that all the efforts to repeat in practice the new species creation made up by evolution theorists fail.

The important thing is to blurt out in time and to become famous. Not to let these very agile narrow-minded «men of genius» to brainwash people we need a law on textbook contents structure based on the facts and not stupid theories, suppositions, hypotheses and models.
Why do different plants and animals appear in reality?
When there is warm and cold mass of dark matter in the Space a whirlwind of dark matter forms. The same happens in the atmosphere of the Earth – cyclones, whirlwinds, hurricanes and tornados form when warm and cold air meet.

In this case water condenses in the atmosphere and it rains.

In the space whirlwind a solid body condenses and solid state world is formed that represents the means of mixing warm and cold masses of dark matter.

Star is the main character in the galaxy. The main task of the Sun star is to dissipate in the space extra energetic matter that is created in transformation chain of kmars into stone.

On the planets such as the Earth, the reproduction of energetic matter happens not in the same volume as on the Sun. That is why the existence of organic matter and water is possible on the surface and in the near-surface layer.

Organic matter — is a more mobile and omnivorous substance than water. That is why on the Sun (when it was in the process of forming from cross-stone cloud) and on the planets the first to appear is organic matter. Water appears later and also becomes food for the breeding organic matter.

All the transformations of solid body in the Galaxy are some «events» on the way of kmars and hydrogen transformation into stone. Dissolved and gas organic matter is being formed directly in the space if there is positive environment. Thus, a great amount of organic matter was formed on the Earth when there was a great amount of hydrogen and much carbon dioxide exuded from the planetary interior. Then the planet was fully covered by thick layer of dissolved organic matter. Modern oil and gas fields are echo of those past events.

Liquid live organic matter is programmed by nature to accomplish its task. That is why when favourable conditions for dissolved live organic reproducing matter disappeared in the open space, it created around itself cell membrane inside which it maintains these conditions artificially.

For a very long time (80% of the whole time of organisms’ existence on the Earth) this was enough — there were no multi-celled organisms.

But then gradually the conditions for breeding became even worse. Then dissolved organic matter started to unite cells into organisms. Thus, multi-celled organisms appeared. Their main task consists in providing with food the dissolved live organic matter that reproduces in the cells.

There are no accidents, no endless trials and errors. Nature is reasonable, it has no time and resources for accidental experiments with subsequent worries — will it survive or not?

Any organic formation starting from organic cell and ending with human being is natural device for the reproduction of dissolved live organic matter. It is wisely done, more wisely than any human being can do.

In other words, in the plants and animals the main event and «point of life» is the reproduction of dissolved live organic matter. It gives all the commands to an organism.

At the same time the formation of dissolved live organic matter in the open atmosphere has never stopped. When the conditions worsened it gradually decreased.

Now it is formation of ruddle on the rock and secrete myrrh.

Ruddle is a natural phenomenon.

Myrrh appears with the help of gods, it is a hint. The main deific hint is religion, in other words the teachings about the immortality of the soul.
That’s why myrrh gravitates to icons. Though secrete myrrh takes place not necessarily on the icons but on the other objects and places noticeable to people.
Once long ago humans came up with idea of raising wild plants under «their supervision». Thus they passed to agriculture. Of course this transition was not made by order. There were people or tribes-forerunners. And some still don’t know what agriculture means.

And nowadays there are people-forerunners that can «rise» myrrh at home and in significant quantities. In other words they can make icons and other objects bleed. It’s high time to support them on the state and scientific level! It’s time to learn how to get organic matter without agriculture! If icons make you feel sick multiply ruddle — it’s nearly the same thing but there is already some experience in «raising» myrrh.

Organic matter appears out of nothing!

Is it really difficult to pay attention to this?! Halooo, scientists, politicians! Do you think about feeding increasing population?

Reproduction on the microlevel happens nearly instantly. This must be taken into consideration when one creates facilities for reproduction of dissolved organic matter.

Exteriorly they will look like solar batteries and the Sahara Desert will become the major supplier of food and technological organic matter
As soon as people begin raising dissolved live organic matter in industrial-scale volumes, they will stop at once raving about evolutions including Darwin’s one.

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  1. Евгений

    Имеется факт: В пустыне Сахара, или может быть в другой, раз в год бывает сильный ливень, после которого всё расцветает, за одни сутки вызревают семена, появляются даже какие-то насекомые, после этого на жаре опять всё исчезает. Вопрос: Если флора и фауна этого места так изменилась, то это эволюция или нет?