Fallacy called CATHODE RAYS.

Some readers of this site are really indignant seeing my doubts as to the truthfulness of the scientists.

«And what about Ohm’s law?!» — they are filled with indignation.

It seems that they recall this law because the surname of the author consists of three letters. Anyway they don’t recall anything else.
A story with cathode rays lies in the foundation of the electricity theory. During these very «cathode-anode» experiments there appeared all main conventions and names that lie at the basis of electricity and electronics.
The deceit here is following: ancient explorers left out of the equation the fact that cathode when heated up generate heat and hard rays, light etc.

In other words, energy matter reproduces on the cathode and only little part of it, able to be «pumped» through the wires if the potentials are different, gets onto the anode.
If we connect the Sun to the «minus» of hypothetical electric chain consisting of battery and amperemeter and the Earth we connect to the «plus» of thus chain then we’ll get such electric current that there’ll be no need in the power plants! However, if we change magnetic poles then there’ll be no current for the energy matter reproduces on the Sun and doesn’t want be «tucked» back.

The same thing is with any radio valve or n-p or p-n transistors — under certain conditions energy matter reproduces and in other cases it doesn’t.
The chain cathode-battery-anode is a separator for the energy matter reproducing on the cathode. «Separated» part flows into the wires and the rest is removed.

These are not particles.
Solid body, substance isn’t able to move inside the solid body, substance with high speeds. Everyone can assure himself of it.
But scientific dreamers «move» solid-bodied particles so called electrons inside the metals with the speeds close to the speed of light.
Fables about mythical current of mythical electrons in the wires are absolute dotage, that can’t be confirmed by the anthropogenic practice. It doesn’t correspond to the common sense as well.

«Electric» (if you’re used to this term) kind of energy matter that doesn’t consist of energy matter moves along the wires.
Currents of all mythical «particles» that are accelerated in the vacuum in the Large Hadron Collider and other accelerators don’t consist of solid-bodied elements.

Existence of solid-bodied objects of any dimensions moving with high speeds isn’t possible.
Material vacuum doesn’t exist in nature. Moreover, in the every place in the Universe there simultaneously exist many interdependent kinds of matter, «visible» as well as «invisible» for human organs of senses and apparatus. Entwined they make the universal matter.

If somewhere there is no solid body then it doesn’t mean there is nothing at all.

It means that there is vacuum in the heads of the scientists. A funny viewpoint — if I don’t see then it doesn’t exist. It reminds me of one bird! A big, strong and also very silly one.
Energy matter accelerated in the collider moves not in the vacuum but in the invisible matter.

If these were streams of solid-bodied elementary particles, then it would have been impossible to disperse them due to growing resistance of the matter that scientists so persistently don’t want to see.
Moreover, solid body «evaporates» and disappears, turning into invisible matter when moving on high speeds that significantly surpass third space speed.

And science has many proofs for this phenomenon.
When I write about electron and other elementary particles calling it idiocy most often I come face to face with lack of understanding. That’s why I’ll remind scientists about something and will tell simple «dummies» what is what:
According to the scientists, substance is assembled (synthesized) by nature from elements-balls. They are different but their number is limited. They all are mentioned in the Mendeleev’s periodic table.

In their turn elements from this table are said to be assembled (synthesized) by nature from even smaller balls, so called elementary particles, including electrons.

It’s true to say that «substance elements» or «solid body elements» as well as «substance elementary particles» or «solid body elementary particles» because this very way scientific fallacy-legend about synthetical structure of the substance was formed that has nothing to do with the reality.

Let’s presume that there is some minimal quantity of substance and it is called atom. Then Rutherford and Bohr «attached» electrons to this shapeless mass and atom «turned into» independent object-ball.

Thus, according to the science, electron is a part of the substance, of metal as well.

This way science claims that substance can move inside the substance with the speed that can be compared to the speed of light?!

But even a child knows that it’s impossible! For example, meteorites burn in the atmosphere of the Earth though their speed is practically zero in comparison with speeds of mythical electrons in the conductors.

Or material realities are not important in this case? One can make up so called quantum sciences and completely move to fantastical mathematical astral!

It’s very convenient — normal people will never understand sense of what is written in these sciences, but there is always where to rub persistent opponents’ of modern fundamental sciences noses.

And there is always something to keep students busy with. According to army principle: «I don’t care what you need, but it’s important for you to be busy!»
Dear reader, please look once again through the things written about Thompson’s, Faraday’s and other «ancient» researchers’ experiments with cathode rays, about «discovery» of electron and about «measurements» of its charge and mass, but while reading, «throw away» things that «suggested» and «presumed» one or another pseudo-scientists and leave only the facts. And you will see that little will be left, but it is much more interesting material than now when we have all these ridiculous and naive explanations, made by first researchers.

Time came to repeat absolutely all experiments of scientific pioneers on the basis of modern technology. And without any theories, assumptions, explorations. In other words — with fresh head and good-natured thoughts. Leaving the facts as they are. Not adorning them with the clothes of «beautiful» explanations and other phrase-mongering.

And first of all one shouldn’t forget that worldview and calculations are different spheres of knowledge.
Appearance of formulas, diagrams, graphics, tables and other calculation mathematical «techniques» is totally intolerable when you want to understand natural phenomenon, to understand the sense of what is happening.

In other words, formulas in the worldview are intolerable!!
For example, if fundamental science wants to stay in the first ranks of researching activities of the society, it must forget about mathematics!
Nature «solves» its own «tasks» according to other principles than mathematics.

That’s why in reality the most exact science «shamed itself» and didn’t help people to understand the structure of the world they live in, but vice versa led them far away from the right direction of development.

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3 thoughts on “Fallacy called CATHODE RAYS.

  1. Эдуард

    Все же, с точки зрения науки, электроны не движутся в металле с большой скоростью при прохождении тока. Обычно приводится цифра – сантиметры в секунду.

  2. Александр Ш

    Электроны не движутся со скоростью света, это ЭМ поле движется с этой скоростью по проводнику. Всё остальное правильно, а этот нюанс, сразу смутит читающего инженера. Кстати, Фарадей напрасно попал в компанию старичков-фантазёров. Я специально читал его “Исследования по Электричеству”, чтобы поймать тот момент, когда начали фантазировать насчет электро-магнетизма. И именно в его трудах нашел то, что Вы называете Мировоззренческими Фактами, и нет ни одной формулы, за что его не принимали другие “ученые”. Он пишет только о том, что обнаружил и на что это может быть похоже, дальше моделей не идет… А модели эти – эфирные. И Ацюковский развивает именно его идеи.

  3. Volcot

    Чем больше проводим опыты своими руками (а не тупо списывая ответы с учебников), убеждаемся – нас очень долго “водили за нос”. И в токах электроны ни при чем. Если для передачи переменного тока 50Гц в 40 кВт до 10 метров (!) нужен медный провод сечением более 6 кв.мм, то для высокочастотного тока передачи той же мощности потребуется провод сечением до 0,01 кв.мм! При этом провод и не думает греться!
    И пусть не говорят “знатоки” что тут “начинают действовать другие законы” – прикольно то как! – законы меняем на ХОДУ. Благо, что законы не лошади, меняй как хочешь? Нет, надоело!
    Во вранье жить боле не будет – мы не дураки теперь! И пусть теперь ТЕ (другие) уже НАМ (прозревшим) доказывают, что они “имели ввиду”.
    Спасибо автору.