Fallacy called philosophy.

The ideas of humans about the world around are really stupid. That’s why all natural sciences are at its best humorous stories. And philosophy is a good example of phrase mongering.
All the modern sciences originate from the overswelled with false doctrines early philosophy.

Pseudo-philosophers did not then understand the world order, they do not want to see anything even now. They break their heads over trying to understand what came first — matter or senses.
They do not see at all childish fallacies in the natural sciences: plants can be isolated from the atmosphere without any risk. Objects can’t go in circular motions. Under the impact of weight objects do not rotate around their axis and around other objects. If the Moon attracts water then it will inevitably drag water with it. And so on.

Wherever you go you will surely put foot in t…
I will continue this fallacy later. At the meantime I ask everyone who was employed to think about the world in global categories for money — philosophers, journalists, politicians, poets, writers and also those who likes to do it (a kind of a hobby) I ask all of them to think about the building of the fence to protect textbooks and society from the scientific lies. Scientists are also humans and that’s why among them there are so many rogues, cunning fellows who do everything for their own benefit and just stupid guys as well as in any other activity sphere. Control department must be really strict here.

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