Benefit. The meaning of life.

Solid body is a way of mixing the nonequilibrium invisible universal matter. Any solid object lives, eats and reproduces, to eventually turn into stone, and then into equilibrium invisible universal matter.

But solid objects can live and grow only in the presence of their invisible material component – vals field, vals, the soul, the purpose of which is information for the development and reproduction of the object.

Vals in both humans and other complex organics is “attached” to the body with the help of DNA. Valses of the simplest organic and inorganic objects also have the appropriate attachment points for their “body”.

When the body dies, the vals separates and continues to live in the invisible matter.

Invisible matter is also populated with intelligent beings and they do not care what kind of souls come to them from the solid-state world. For the simple reason that evil souls may come there.

It is impossible to explain to a plant or a dog how to behave in order that the vals was good.

But you can explain it to a man. For this purpose, there are religions to suit every taste. Naturally, with the exception of aggressive, hateful pseudo-religious currents. But this is another kettle of fish.

The main thing in all religions is the doctrine of the immortality of the soul and the guidance of life. In the Bible, for example, such guidance is the commandments of Christ.
Benefit in the sense of the universal munchies is a constant possibility to eat enough. The whole human life generally revolves around food and consumption.
But the benefit in terms of the prospect of being adapted to a more or less worthy afterlife is, of course, the constant pursuit of holiness, love to one’s neighbor. Mental attitude should be light all my life, “despite”. In order that a man never plotted and did bad things to himself or other people.

To keep the biblical commandments is elementary and beneficial. In the usual sense of the word. Although it is extremely difficult. There was even the case when Christ walked in Palestine and met a rich righteous “theorist” of the prayer book. Jesus asked him to give people all his trash and go with him, promising real wealth. However, to this money-bag, the ashes (his estate) seemed more expensive and he did not go.

You got for your good and for your sins. It’s better for the good.
The universal matter is reasonable and intelligent creatures are its children.

So intelligent beings are a natural phenomenon. And the concern that the mind is not lost, that it is protected is also a natural phenomenon. It can’t be so that nevi or bochs somehow “grow” people to meet their own selfish, “edible” requirements.

It is out of the question. That’s the way the nature is arranged.

Although “growing” in relation to a man from the side of nevi, bochs and generally from the Universal Mind does take place. But it refers to the human soul and we’ll talk separately about it.
People, nevi and bochs are equal before nature, they “flow” into one another, all call themselves human beings, and when they are in a solid body, they look the same way – two arms, two legs, a corpus and a head. There are no intelligent beings of other external view in the Universe. There are no reasonable horses, spiders, waterfowl and so on.

When they are in the invisible matter, they also “look” similar
Natural primitive meaning of life of a solid body, including a man, is in the universal munchies to convert hydrogen, water and organic matter into stone and then into the equilibrium invisible universal matter.

Human civilization is a very powerful stirrer and consumer of water and organic matter, turning them first into shit, which is then transformed into stone.
But the natural sense of the lives of people as intelligent beings consists in growing by every man of his personal unseen material object called soul. And no one else can do it for him.

He should grow his soul observing the “agricultural techniques” – namely, with the observance of the commandments, do not kill, do not steal, do not covet, and so on. It’s the same thing as to weed, fertilize, water the garden, but much more difficult.

But only a clean, a holy soul enters into the society of intelligent beings in the invisible matter.

Otherwise it is equal to the souls of plants and animals.

The natural permit system from one matter to another is very strict.
The word “benefit” in terms of universal munchies has a definite meaning. If you do not see an inch beyond your nose and stomach, then to steal and to kill, of course, is profitable until you are caught.

That is why there is the belief that you can do everything, just do not let yourself be caught.

In the basis of this illusion lies atheism, which in its turn is fed by the false scientific worldview – the main shame of the earthly political elite.

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