Democracy — political fallacy.

Creation of idols in the science (Einstein. Darwin, Lomonosov, Bohr, Mendeleev, Newton etc) and giving them status of geniuses led humanity to the paralysis of the scientific work and many centuries-long stagnancy in the science.

To be more particular — with the appearance of science, people in their learning of the world move in the direction opposite to the true and necessary one.

Is it so difficult to understand that those mentioned above departed ones are common representatives of the human kind. Moreover, they are not notable for their intelligence and wits — we know their price, they all are here, in nevima in full view.

They are not gods! Wake up!!
The maintenance of the made up in the old times ridiculous worldview theories and (the most stupid thing!) their usage as the modern science basis (!), led to the creation of the false, inverted materialism.
As the result, material world realities according to which people live are not noticed and are not recognized.
Blinded by the impunity, immunity from jurisdiction and «genius» scientists do not recognize the obvious fact:

1. They do not recognize the presence of the invisible matter that forms 99% of the Universe and 90% of the Solar system.

2. They do not recognize the absence of the plants feeding on carbon and the absence of plants breathing with oxygen.

In other words, they do not recognize synthesis in nature.

3. They do not recognize the material, invisible and basic part of the solid body — soul.
And scientists do not see many obvious things that are right before their eyes.
It seems that when you get materialistic obvious knowledge it is at once rejected by the academic worlds and another ridiculous false «scientific» theory is being created.
As the result, the «developed» part of human civilization (20) and first of all eight «advanced» countries live in imagined virtual world!
And the most important achievement of a citizen — democracy — is also turned inside out and is opposite to what was planned.
But the most important thing is that not a single state of the planet is based on the material universal realities!
Humans are social animals and have to respect the laws and the rules of the society in which they live.

Having graduated from school young people have a number of false pieces of knowledge about the material world realities.

They do not know that the main mass of the invisible matter is invisible for the organs of senses of humans and for their technical gadgets but it can be «seen» indirectly through its influence on the behavior and properties of a solid body.
They do not know that their body is structured not the way they were told at the lessons and lectures of human anatomy and physiology.

They do not know that the most beneficial and valuable for them is not to sin, to live according to Christ’s commandments because their soul is material and for its right evolution it requires right «feeding» and «training».

Sins make a soul ugly as well as alcohol abuse, drugs and violation of behavior rules of a pregnant woman and a birth father lead to the ugliness of their child.
What can a deceived fooled man vote for?
Right — for piggish values — how to gorge more tasty food and consume more things that are in the list, from a gum to an island in a warm ocean!

Domestic pig does not know the price of the feeding trough problem absence and this price is to frizzle on the frying pan. So people fooled by modern world system of education do not even suspect that they have a life choice — to go to heaven or to hell after life.

Does democracy mean ignorance of their own future?

Wonderful, don’t you think so?!
Where modern scientific worldview begins there democracy ends in other words, ends the policy that answer the interests of people.
For example, talibans in Afghanistan have the policy that answer permanent and basic interests of people in comparison to other political state institutes and political currents on the planet.
From their territory few ugly souls come into the invisible matter.
But the «student» policy itself is imperfect and methods of implementation of its policy in masses are absolutely unacceptable.

At the other pole there is anti-national political order of «developed» countries.
If only you could have seen what comes into the invisible matter from the territories of those countries!

Not souls but timber!!!

Such souls will never get into the society of sensible ones in nevima or druma.

«Developed democracies» are the communities of people with a short life. If to be more particular — with a short «sensible» life among the likes of them.

After the death most of them in the afterlife get into the society of plant and animal souls.

They do not move together with other sensible ones into a new galaxy after the disappearance of our Galaxy and they will become eternal lonely vagabonds of the Universe, participants of endless transformations of the universal matter.
One can separate the history of Russia according to the level of the influence on the destiny of people into two periods:

In the first period we include pre-revolutionary wars, times of revolution, civil and the First world war, Great Patriotic war, Chechen and other wars, for example, international ones. We can add here also the times of holodomor (famine-genocide), political and economic perturbations.

In this period children and youth suffered most of all. They did not study for example but died first — soldiers were mostly young people.
In the second period we place the times of personal well-being.
Children and the youth study, work, make a career.
So comparing souls of people and their further fate here in nevima I see very well that little souls of people that died innocently or for the Motherland in the first period have much better fate.
They are settled.
Naturally I do not appeal to plunge Russia into wars and havoc.
I appeal to stop maiming human destinies pushing into their heads different fallacies while their studying in school. As the result of fooling quite happy times turn into times of human souls deformation. As an example we can name France. From this country gypsies are regularly deported.

Observing the afterlife of respectable Frenchmen and gypsies here in nevima I see that the Frenchmen noticeably lose. Gypsy souls are better structured mostly because being in a body they did not study or didn’t accept into their heads all school tricks.

At least not to such extent as the Frenchmen were disfigured in the childhood.

The Frenchmen deport the cream of their society.

Though gypsies also have enough of sins.
The Academy of Sciences and government represent the main threat for a citizen especially in the «developed» countries.
These respected institutions are the first «bandits» and «terrorists» according to the level of their negative influence on the fates of people because they do not know what they do leaving outside the brackets of the political life basic and strategic human interests and values including their own, their children and grandchildren.

Decent pension is a false beacon in the lives of people, it is not the last shelter and not the end of existence.

Life begins only after the death of a body. «Masters of life» have to know it and prepare themselves and citizens of their country for it.

Only in this case we can speak about democracy.
For example in the Ancient Egypt there was much more democracy than in the modern «developed» states.

«Much more» meaning that there is no strategic care of human souls in technically developed states! And this is the most important! A human must go to the afterlife without sins so that everything would be all right for him or her there. In life any deed is important. Good for the good, bad for the bad. It’s possible to track a person even with modern technologies, and for nature it’s not a problem at all. Well, one doesn’t have to track anybody! For example, here people automatically get into a specified category of workers according to their performance. Physique, mental abilities, efficiency, existence of «wallpaper degree», connections, protections, history of one’s own efforts etc — every point requires specific actions, efforts, It is almost the same situation with soul — one sees at once what has come.

And in Russia problems with long-termed interests of people are solved badly. To be more particular the state solves these problems inside out. Religious beliefs of people amend the situation a little. When they exist and are not diluted by extremism and other antihuman negative things.
Surely such situation is silly and that’s why it requires instant amends. People must be aware of their future!

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2 thoughts on “Democracy — political fallacy.

  1. andrew koshak

    Йех, уважаемый Снежный!
    Ваше высказывание: “Ощущение такое, что как только у вас появляется материалистическое, очевидное знание, сразу же — неприятие его академическим миро”, – есть недодумка, как минимум! Да Вы уж не “материалист” ли “ленинец”? ;() еще б “Материализм и эмпириокритицизм” процитировали!..
    Неужто Вам не понятно, что то что Вы тут называете “демократической дурилкой” есть не более, но и не менее чем ПСЕВДО-демократия?! Подделка лишь по неё!.. А повадки и “ценности” всех тех “хрюшечек” этого мира есть квинтэссенция мировоззрения сего нацело ставшим материалистичным мира, замешанного полтора столетия на МАТЕРИАЛИСТИЧЕСКОЙ, отвергающей ДУШУ и всё “высшее”, дескать, “идеалистичное” — ИДЕОЛОГИИ материализма! (Кто её “авторы”, Вам должно быть хорошо известно?)
    Так что здесь я впервые с начала чтения радикально не согласен с Вами.

  2. andrew koshak

    P.S. Самые большие кумиры этого мира это: К.Мракс, Ф.Энгельс (политика и псевдофилософия), Ч.Дарвин (идеология эволюционизма, нацело христоборческая!), А.Эйнштейн (теорфизика и космология), – а восходит всё непотребство материалистического видения Природы и радикального богоборчества (с идеологической стороны) и с физической – к представлениям античного атомизма! Поэтому незавидную пальму дурости 😉 нужно присудить Демокриту со товарисчи!..
    Так то вот.