In the science or to be more particular in the scientific view of the world there is a great secret.

It consists in the unconditionality of all processes which take place in bookish spaces of botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, astronomy etc.

For example, Pavlov called the situation when people withdraw their hand because of pain an «instinctive reflex».

Plants don’t have brains at all, but still they photosynthesize, pump water, grow fruits.

Does it happen just by itself?

Reactions proceed in chemistry,frictionappearsin physics. Again all by itself?

Planets rotate. They also don’t need any program, brains, mind?

I mean that for example, when a car factory produces cars then intelligence is necessary. Actually, you wouldn’t even catch a fish without intelligence.

In the real life intelligence is necessary and noone argues about it, but in the bookish life everything happens by itself and …everyone agrees as well!

When elevated to being geniuses scientists of the past ran the show in the science, industrial production was poorly developed. Many things then seemed simple and taken for granted.
For example, there was no necessity in computers. Why? Not so long ago even communist leaders in the USSR didn’t understand anything in this matter.

People didn’t understand then that any even the tiniest change requires a programme of actions, it requires intelligence! Whether it something that takes place inside a tree or amoeba, in the dough in the bakery, wherever — nothing, nowhere and never will happen and does not happen by its own!

There is no unconditionality in the universe!

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