When a person goes to the invisible matter druma together with the body like, for example, Christ did then he or she has the opportunity to return freely to the solid-bodied condition, and not only on the Earth but also on any planet of the Universe that is suitable for existence of the organic life.

Everyone who lives in the druma doesn’t not bother themselves with such matter characteristics as space and time, because they don’t exist there!

It is almost impossible to tell in using human words what exists in druma instead of these parameters, that are main ones in the solid-bodied matter, but for the overall picture of things that happen to people in the Universe it is not important.

When people together with their bodies («burnt» with cold fire and turned into invisible matter) get into druma after their death here, they find themselves in the society similar to the one on the Earth, but more «closely intertwined», confidential. That’s why there are very strict requirements for the condition of the human soul. Can people do mischief or not?

Biblical requirements to the way people should live come from here. Is a man a sinner or a righteous man? When he gets into druma all his thoughts and actions at the period of the life in the body become open for free observations by everyone. And society of nevi-people casts away sinners.

Life there begins with a clean slate in the terms of memory — people do not remember anything, though they know where they come from.
Nevi-people settle on the planet suitable for organic life as soon as there appears liquid living organic matter.

Long before water appears on it.

And they live there before the more or less developed society of aboriginal people appears there.

Then they go into druma and then to the free planet of the new galaxy. If they don’t want to leave then bochs expel them, make them leave.

Organisms of embodied nevi-people are structured similar to the organism of nevi. Everything is the same — blood-vascular, respiratory, immune systems, alimentary canal, organs of senses, organs of movement and reproduction organs.
But all this does not work automatically and is switched on only when it is needed, for example, to bear children. But such things usually do not happen.
Those who want to breed are detached and they live separately.

Their settlements resemble in many ways the cities we are used to. Aboriginal human being describes such «cities» as Atlantis, Shambhala, settlements of “gods” in Greece, India, America and other places. They lived everywhere. In fact, non-breeding nevi-people can even now live with us in our flats because they have special “technologies” to divert attention and they are not our rivals.

Nevi-people have no problems with food, accommodation and defense. They «work» with plants and animals through their souls. In the cities and around them the things they need and feed on only grow.

When animals and aboriginal human-beings appear they get into voluntary slavery of nevi-people and deem it to be blessing to serve «the gods». Animals themselves come to be milked or eaten. Slaves deal with them and slaves eat them. Noone even thinks about being displeased or about attacking nevi-people.

But bochs are usually displeased because local people enslavement and punish nevi-people for it but there are ways to escape the punishment.

But the main food of nevi-people is liquid living organic matter. Aboriginal human beings supposed it to be nectar, the drink of the gods.

After the disappearance of such cities artifacts can be found in different geological horizons even those where they can’t be technically placed according to the modern distorted scientific view of the world.

But ordinary settlements of nevi-people leave no artifacts — they are not big, consist of simple huts. Their inhabitants do not eat, do not defecate, do not die, do not breed. They get energy and vital matter directly from the invisible to humans matter.


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3 thoughts on “Atlantis

  1. evkom24

    Когда человек уходит в невидимую материю друму вместе с телом, как, например, Христос, то он имеет возможность свободно возвращаться назад в твёрдотельное состояние, причём не только на Землю,.
    Есть ли другие люди кроме Христа, достигшие этой способности?

    1. nevadmin Post author

      Когда рождается человек, то он долго не понимает земных реальностей, связей, причин и следствий. Кроме того возвращение назад не возможно при любом желании. Назад в утробу матери? Известно, что Христа видели после его воскрешения в блестящих, светящихся одеждах. То есть это был уже робот. Все “снежные люди”, “зелёные человечки” это тоже роботы или биороботы в нашем понимании. Реально же там всё так, что нашими словами и представлениями не опишешь, всё равно будет неправда – другая материя!

  2. Антон

    А может неви-люди это и есть так называемые ангелы? По внешнему виду они состоят из какой-то светящейся полупрозрачной ткани со складками как у одежды святых, которую изображают на иконах, а крыльев и других частей тела у них нет, они без крыльев летают, это уже люди подрисовали крылья на иконах, потому что не понимали принципов по которым они перемещаются в пространстве. Или это роботы? Тогда какие у них цели? Что они тут делают? С людьми в контакт обычно не вступают, но производят благоприятное впечатление, поэтому человеку хочется последовать за таким светящимся существом, но они передвигаются довольно быстро и почти моментально скрываются из виду.