Educational ignobility.

The things children and their parents have to tolerate while the child finishes school and learns a trade! And then again it turns out that his specialty is washed-up.

The tragedy of schools at all levels is that the curricula are made by those people who then cash in on the state and parents. Therefore, the programs are as long as possible; the textbooks are as thick as possible. And it does not matter what is stuck there, provided that the money cones!

And all my eye and Betty Martin is stuck in the textbooks!

To be continued…

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One thought on “Educational ignobility.

  1. Евгений

    Когда я посмотрел Юниты по математике для гуманитарной академии (СГА) я пришел в ужас. Кто бы объяснил – зачем и кому это надо? Это же такой бред сивой кобылы! Впору воскликнуть: Режь профессоров, они подлюки!