Encyclopedia of worldview facts.

Fact № 1: At the height of 36 000 km the Earth attraction amounts to nothing.

Let’s carry out an experiment. Let’s try with the help of telescope to find on the firmament an object hanging fixedly over the Earth, an object glued to nothing and not nailed but not falling down to the Earth. According to Newton such objects do not exist. And we will still seek them and maybe find?!
Right! There is a lot of such objects and 2 or 5 more things. These are synchronous communications satellites.

All of them are in the state of rest relatively to the Earth. They do not fly anywhere, do not rotate round the Earth. Complete rest! Like the stars on the towers of Kremlin.
Before speaking ironically and retelling Wikipedia to me about the way they get there, or that they rotate with such speed, look at your neighbour’s reception dish – a SATELLITE IS IN THE STATE OF REST!!!
And do not forget that there are no centrifugal forces in nature! These are so-called mythical forces allegedly created to make the tasks on the rotational movement easier. And in reality — to fool people.

There is no force directed along the radius from the centre of rotation in opposition to mythical gravity force!

And such arguments as «Satellite flies by inertia and gravity only turns it» shows complete ignorance of a person because the change of the movement direction is acceleration itself and consequently energy consumption that a satellite can’t get anywhere.

Let’s not forget that everything is easy only on the paper.
If we admit that tidal water crest on the Earth is created by the Moon then why it does not drag synchronous communications satellites with it? They are in one plane with it. By the way, with the Sun practically as well.

Let’s not forget about solar wind. It is quite a real resistance for satellites.
In other words, the influence on the satellite can be great and varied and the equilibrium between mythical gravity at this height and mythical centrifugal force can be only very shaky — the satellite is not connected with the Earth with the help of a solid iron rod or even a rope.

For example, when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, according to Newton, Night and Daytime orbs will together pull satellites in the direction away from the Earth and naturally will «take them off» their orbits, because even at a small distance from the Earth mythical gravity becomes more and more mythical.

But it does not happen. Consequently there is strong natural material reason for tight fastening of the satellites at the geostationary earth object. Science does not know this reason.

But ignorance of the reality can not justify invention of laws out of the blue, such as law of gravity! Real gravitation has short hands!
Law of gravity is great shame for world engineering, science and first of all mechanics-theorists!!
Real gravitation ceases to exist much closer to the Earth than 36 000 km. Only those orbits are not motionless relatively to the Earth.
«Eternal» orbits exist only because Earth gravitation doesn’t reach them there. The Universe is structured in absolutely different way from the one «designed» by Science!

Fact №2: Plants do not feed on the carbon dioxide and do not breathe oxygen from the air.
Fact №2 has much more «killing power» than fact №1, but the first fact has indisputable evidence, while scientists stubbornly refuse to carry out adequate experiments in connection with the fact №2, because it will ruin all their scientific postulates.

Fact №3: Planet Earth is constantly increases its dimensions, grows, «swells»


Once earth continents were one unity, It was continent Pangea. But in the result of the growth of the planet it was torn into pieces. Modern continents appeared. In our thoughts we can put them together, these «pieces» dock very well.

Modern «scientific» theory of floatation of continents on the magma does stand up to scrutiny. The main problem is why has Pangea suddenly decided to fall into parts? In such cases science makes up reasons one funnier than the other. The real reason is very simple and obvious — the growth of the planet.

When «warm» and «cold» masses of invisible universal matter meet condensation of the substance takes place and it is understandable that it starts on a small scale and then grows.
A small space piece has irregular shape and in one place «protrudes» quite much. This will be Pangea torn in the future.

The volumes of the Sun and other planets of the Solar system grow constantly.

After the growth stops, the «melting» of orbs and planets starts. They «burn» with cold fire and turn into invisible matter.
This day will be the day of the corporal civilization death. The end of the world.

Fact №4: Kepler’s law.
The first law of Kepler.
(ellipsis law)

Every planet of the Solar system rotates along the ellipse inside the focal point of which the Sun is situated.
The second law of Kepler. (law of areas)

Every planet moves in the plane going through the centre of the Sun, moreover, in equal intervals radius -vector that connects the Sun and the planet describes equal areas.
Two concepts are connected with this law: perihelion — the closest to the Sun point of the orbit and aphelion — the most distant point of the orbit. Thus, planets move irregularly around the Sun having a higher linear speed in perihelion than in aphelion.

Every year at the beginning of January the Earth passing perihelion moves faster, that’s why the visible transference of the Sun along ecliptic longitude to the East takes place also faster than at the average during the year. At the beginning of July the Earth passing aphelion moves slower and that’s why the transference of the sun along ecliptic longitude becomes slower.

The third law of Kepler (harmonic law)

Squares of periods of rotation of planets around the Sun are related as cubes of semi-major axis of orbit of the planets.

It is true not only for the planet but their satellites as well.

Kepler invented the law of Solar system planets’ motion having analyzed tables of coordinates of planets by Tyge Brahe, that were composed according to the results of real astronomical observations.

In other words, the very motion of planets around the Sun and their rotation about their axis is the fact. And everything else is either «literal» description (laws of Kepler) or mathematical exercises («proofs» of Newton).

On can’t make conclusions such as «planets move along their orbits under the attraction force of the Sun» out of these mathematical exercises.

This can be disproved practically by any person sitting all the time at the computer: drop something from the table. According to Newton law of gravity this «something» will not fall on the floor but will fly parallel to the floor towards Africa to Limpopo and further. If so then Newton is right, if not — he lied.

Fact №5: Earthquake.

By their sound, by sight, feelings and indications of instruments earthquake totally corresponds to the external manifestation of powerful hand-made underground explosion, for example at the nuclear bomb tests.
To be continued…

I will add information little by little that in my opinion is facts.

But we must create powerful internet page that will contain all known worldview facts objectively not only my or someone’s else opinion.

That will be a place for every intelligent person’s admiration. Here every thinker will be always able to drink purest water from the informational stream that is not stained by various interpretations, explanations. Theories, hypotheses and other phrase-mongering.

There are no such archives of any kind yet but it is really necessary for presidents and students.

And not just an assembly of facts but a responsible depositary of worldview facts.
Final goal and sense of creation of encyclopedia of worldview facts consists in gradual non-violent creation of one worldview. Nowadays there are two of them — atheistic and religious.

I invite rich people, politicians, and successful creators of social networks to participate in this important necessary project. oneeno50@mail.ru

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