Solid body condensation.

When a cold air mass meets warm air masses in the atmosphere of the Earth, an atmosphere whirl cyclone is formed and an interfusion of air masses with different physical properties begins.

While warm air contains a lot of water vapour and energy, upon contact with cold air water condensates (solid body) and energy is produced. It begins, for example, to rain, or to storm and wind gets stronger.

Nature does not reinvent a wheel every time. The processes taking place in the atmosphere are the exact copy of general processes that take place in the Universe.

When «cold» mass of the invisible matter meets «warm» mass of the invisible matter, a whirl-galaxy is formed and interfusion of universal matter with different physical properties begins. A condensation of a solid body takes place, if to be more precise that of gases, rock, organic matter and water. A lot of energy is being produced. Moreover, solid body condensates-breeds at different rate but incessantly while a whirl-galaxy and whirl-stellar systems exist. Thus, energy constantly condensates-breeds.

The source of solid body and energy in the galaxy is «warm» mass of the invisible matter.

While condensation of the solid body goes on all the time incessantly as long as whirl-galaxy exists, all solid celestial objects grow in size constantly.

The Earth and the Sun grow as well.

Once the Earth was small and not round. Then it was flooded by organic matter, later by water. Only the most protruding piece of rock was left dry. In the process of the Earth growth (and it is growing throughout), this piece was «torn» into smaller parts-continents.

The Earth does not have crust or tectonic plates.

While along with the production of a solid body from the invisible matter energy is also being produced inside the Earth, closer to its surface there is a zone of active energy reproduction. In this very place underground natural explosions occur. They provoke the earthquakes. The energy of the same origin is produced in the atmosphere of the Earth as well but in smaller quantities.
The Sun grows much quicker than all other objects of the Solar system together. And practically all the energy produced by «warm» invisible matter in the Galaxy is also released through the Sun and other stars.

With increase of the mass of the solid body in the Galaxy, its rotation and the rotation of all the objects inside it becomes slower. Gradually all the rotations will stop, the stars will fade but in several millions of years the Galaxy will burst into flame again but this time a cold one. Solid body will disappear; once again turn into an invisible to a human being universal matter.

As a memory there will only be the soul of the Galaxy that contains the souls of all its solid objects from the smallest to the biggest ones. Those that lived throughout the whole period of the existence of the galaxy including the soul of the Earth and every man.
The universe is sensible and does not scatter information. All the information is being summarized.

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