Gravity (attraction, force of gravity, weight).

On this site this topic can be seen not once but still there come questions from the readers. That’s why I decided to dedicate to gravity a little but a separate page.
According to the science, matter is a substance and a field. Including gravity field.

So we’ll speak here about gravity matter (about gravitational matter-field).

It is this gravity matter that takes care so that the body of every man had its weight. But it does not spread far away. There is no gravitation at the height of «eternal orbits» of the artificial satellites of the Earth. Short range field. Just like electric or magnetic, for example.

When Newton was choosing a field that would figure in his gravity law he had the opportunity to check on what distance magnetic and electric fields work. He worked with magnet for a long time and rubbed ebonite stick — well, they couldn’t make a genius out of him! They didn’t have the stomach to do it!

But gravity is a completely different thing! «How far it extends no one can check now and when it will become possible then… there are no others…and I won’t be here then anymore» – he thought.

Time flies! And synchronistic satellites hang fixed above the Earth. And they do not fall! The Earth gravity does not reach them!

The man made a fool of himself! Forever! And he does not have the opportunity to say sorry and repent…

Universal gravity does not exist in nature!
Gravity matter fulfills one more very important task. Well known to everyone. And again science invented a pile of ridiculous things.

So we recalled that the Earth attracts a solid body. What will happen if The Earth starts to attract the heat and energy matter as well?
Right! The planet will get overheated and life on it will become impossible. But nature foresaw everything and that’s why gravity matter «pushes» energy matter «away». It «floats» to the surface and vanishes in the space.

Warm air goes upwards not because being heated its distance between mythical atoms and molecules becomes bigger, but because it is filled with energy matter that floats to the surface in the gravity matter and drags air with it.

In other words, wind sways trees and not swayingtrees cause wind as science claims.

As the result of the fact that gravity matter «does not stand» the presence of energy matter and pushes it outthe temperature inside the Earth descends to 5 degrees below zero and in the centre of the Sun to 160 degrees below zero.

The Sun does not attract light, heat or any other energy matter, vice versa, the Sun pushes it away!

Baron Munchausen writhes in hysterics reading Einstein who says that the Sun attracts light. How can one make up such a thing! Though one can tell any tales but what is surprising is that people do believe in it! After all Goebbels was right when he claimed that the more obvious lie is, the easier mob believe in it.

Let’s say a student is lying on the beach, sunbathing and at the same time getting prepared for the exam, reading a book and proudly believing that the Sun attracts light. «I’m clever» he thinks. One can go crazy because of such students! I wonder how he could lie sunbathing if the Sun really attracted light and did not radiate it?

Young people, you must think not just read! Damned scholars.
When on the basis of his theories Einstein made up a story that all stars attracts light everyone reacted adequately — Ha-ha! But as if out of spite astronomers declared that during the full solar eclipse around the edges of the solar disc stars can be seen that should not be seen. The sun should cover them. There are at least several reasons for this. For example, star light refraction in the Sun region. Even if it is not known how it happens or why.

But they recalled the most ridiculous reason of all possible. They extol Einstein’s mythical attraction of light and run and reek.

If people could see universal matter they would have seen that stellar systems, galaxies including the Solar system remind us in appearance of «flying saucers». That’s why star light refraction takes place and it is more visible in the place of the greatest curvature in other words, right in the region of the Sun.
Most fields have a double polarity. For example, the South and North poles of the magnetic field. The similar property has the gravity field. The main mass of the gravity matter is in the middle plane-circle of the Solar system. There it has opposite polarity and some other acquired distinctive qualities.
Let’s call it m-gravity, middle gravity.

Interaction of gravity and m-gravity lead to the situation when space bodies (planets, satellites, artificial Earth satellites) «stick» to their own rotating orbits. To see what these orbits look like you can look at the rings of the Saturn. There they are «painted» with icy and mineral dust.
M-gravity «is responsible» for the existence of a solid body — it is situated only in the middle circle. There is no substance outside it.

Middle gravity doesn’t end with the visible (claimed) nowadays border of the Solar System, but extends at the distances hundred thousand times bigger than the size of the System. Not as a mass field, but as «tentacles», a bit cockling because of the rotation of the Solar System.
If solid bodies that aren’t part of stellar systems are met in the Galaxy then they are inevitably «enveloped» by the tentacles of m-gravity of one or several stars.

These tentacles do not seize anyone or anything, do not eat, do not kill. It’s another thing here, but we’ll talk about it later, because a speech on this topic will be long and unclear to me in a way of presenting it. All this takes place at the meeting point of solid body and universal matter and that’s why one half of the talk can be more or less clear to people, and second one can’t be understood by people at all.

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  1. andrew koshak

    Увы Вам, уважаемый Игорь Николаевич!
    Здесь Вы явно перегнули палку… то ли по своему физическому невежеству, то ли в нигилизме… Это – здесь написанное – уже даже не эзотерично! А с научной точки зрения просто детсадовский примитивизм с анахронизмом в придачу… механистичным типа “теплорода” 18го века…
    Печально 🙁

      1. Гелла Иванова

        ”Время бежит быстро! И вот уже висят себе неподвижно над Землёй геостационарные спутники. И не падают! Не достаёт их земная гравитация!”. Как это не достает? Что значит висят неподвижно? ”Неподвижно” они ”висят”, потому что на самом деле летят по касательной, но ”падают” вниз – как раз за счет притяжения. Угловая скорость вращения спутника на геостационарной орбите такая же, как и у Земли. Так что закон всемирного тяготения еще как работает. Если спутник опустится ниже сией орбиты км на 200, то Земля его притянет к себе и он рухнет, а если выше км на 200, то преодолеет земное притяжение, улетит притягиваться к чему-нибудь еще.