When «warm» and «cold» nevima streams meet in the Universe, a galaxy whirl of the invisible matter is formed but it consists only of microwhirls of nevima. There is no substance yet. In accordance to the changes that happen in the galaxy whirl first of all hydrogen is being formed and middle galaxy plane appears.
This plane is instantly populated by sensible beings from the other galaxy that has stopped its existence.
Further sensible beings that are an essential part of nature (intellect is the means of the Universe existence) Вwill become direct participants in all processes that take place in the born galaxy and they will take adequate and necessary decisions on the way of changes.
Evolution starts with the formation of the galactic whirl and ends when «warm» and «cold» streams of nevima mix completely inside the galaxy and solid body will burn with cold holy fire turning into balanced invisible matter.
All changes including evolution take place simultaneously in galaxy. On the planets like the Earth, in all stellar systems of the Milky Way «wet» Primary Ocean appears practically simultaneously with continents, plants, dinosaurs appear and extinct, then human civilizations arise.
On such planets as the Mars the processes that correspond to the characteristics of the planet take place.

And that’s way on all similar planets.
That’s why the statements of the scientists that «studying different planets of the Solar system we will understand the past and the future of the Earth» are wrong.

The conclusions are being made after people visited the Moon. They will be made after people visit the Mars. But these conclusions do not correspond and will not correspond to the reality at all and will only drive civilization further into a corner. It happens because false worldview reigns on the Earth.

Any research is decipherment. And you have a false key code. That’s why wherever you fly and how much pains or money you put into it you will still get gjhjhgsewqwwfvgrbj517dewdscs@#!&&.

But your science likes such «conclusions». With their help it is easier to get money for the next frauds.
Solid body appears and changes not in the result of some mythical explosion, but according to the laws of the universal matter. That’s why for example, Darwin’s theory of evolution is nonsense just because the word «chance» is used there as an explanation. Nothing in the Universe happens by chance.
It is surprising, that people often change, for example clothes fashion, but do not notice their worldview growing old-fashioned.
The worldviews that only yesterday were up-to-date often become ridiculous after appearance of some sensational discovery. And you have accumulated hundreds of such discoveries and still bearded smelly ideas remain the main ones when formation of the worldview is concerned.
Wrong worldview is not only waste huge amounts of money and time but also movement of the civilization in the wrong direction through the windbreakage.
For the society it still can be mended sooner or later.

Specific people bear the heaviest casualties, in the result of forced upon them by the society atheistic beliefs; they live in sin and do not know that they do evil things to themselves.
Unfortunately people can not repeat the whole life from the very beginning,

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