How G18 rescued Hitler.

People are very funny, including the fact that for all his, as they think, civility and advanced level, they not only do not see the obvious natural laws, but also do not see the obvious manifestation of a reasonable third-party interference in their history and culture, their society and politics. In short, in their lives.
Strictly speaking, it can not be called a third-party intervention, because the equal citizens of the Earth intervene, and, more precisely, participate in their lives. Moreover, residents of other matters in relation to humanity are real “old-timers”. They settled in our common Galaxy when there was no Solar system at all. It hadn’t develop yet.

It would be strange if the nevi and bochs that make up the main population of the Solar system, including the Earth, would not participate in the life of people. Moreover, they protect mankind from the “reasonable” morons of “another” world, in relation to yours. They protect themselves and all their “household”. Something like the immune system of the Galaxy. Without it, human existence is not possible!
Invisible universal matter makes up most of the mass of stellar systems. Yes, and the solid substance is only one of the forms of invisible universal matter.

Universal matter lives and develops in a natural way with all its parts-matter simultaneously. Actually, it could not have been otherwise! All matters continuously flow into one another in full compliance with the universal material law.

These are not the so-called parallel universes, parallel existence, now fashionable in science fiction, which are inexplicable anyway, from all positions. The reality is rather vertical, sequential, interdependent, well-known to everyone existence when the next scene, event follows naturally from the previous ones. Parallelism, by definition, means complete independence without the points of intersection. The reality is the simultaneous existence in the same space and complete dependence.

It would seem, what is special about this fact and how can it be related to everyday life?

But the fact of incomprehension of this philosophic, simple and obvious position led to the creation of false “scientific” outlook.
Before the advent of science, people took into account the influence of the invisible, unknown worlds on their life through religion. However, there was no such word then, and where it was, it meant “worldview”.

They imagined this influence in the form of gods or later in the major religions in the form of a single God. The one had servants, enemies and so on. Everything “as is right and proper”, and all of them every day were “close” to a man.

It was impossible to invent such a thing universally and equally and almost simultaneously on all continents. The reason is that the invisible life keeps in touch every day. And now, too, but often the computer or TV screen do not allow to see and hear it.

Atheists have many legends about the origin of religion, one is more absurd than the other. There is no point in discussing their content – speculation will remain speculation, no matter how many times you wash it.

To understand the origin of religion, it is enough to hold a theoretic hypothetical experiment:

Suppose that in some point of the consciousness of all people on the planet all religious information, all the habits associated with religions and all religious material artifacts miraculously disappeared.

What’s next?

Every sensible person understands that it will take quite a little time and everything will come full circle – there are too much things in life which can not be explained by conventional laws or hallucinations.

I should add that this unusual religious forgetfulness can be organized only by destroying the man, because the information about the existence of dark matter and at the same time all the unconditional information and “blueprints” of the human body are in the invisible matter in a “basket” and consist of invisible universal matter.
The main mistake of science in that it isolated, “orphaned” the solid body, proclaiming the credo “science recognizes only that what you can detect and secure with the sense organs or instruments”. And thereby instantly ruled out the possibility of cognition of 99% of the world surrounding the man. The devices though are solid and a “incarcerated” for the solid state sense organs!

Besides devices, the brains should be used! It was impossible to oppose science to religion. The first explorers of nature were perfectly aware of it, but later the scientific world was “sold out”. As a result, modern science is in irreconcilable conflict with the sense.

For example, when science eliminated the vertical of emergence and development of a solid body, it was forced to seek the origins of matter. Having found nothing, pseudo-scientists decided and claimed that the substance has been and will always be. Then a completely moronic Big Bang theory appeared. The Universe expands and shrinks like crazy in their opinion. And the basis of this theory is mad – poor wretches of science for some reason decided that the red shift of the light of distant galaxies is only possible as a result of “recession” of stellar systems. As if there can be no other more practical reasons for the red shift of light!

The information about the immortality of the soul is the basic scientific social information for humans. Absolute insanity is when the state created specifically for the protection of man, does everything to make the future of its citizens as tragic as possible.

I wish … But let us not go there. Let’s better do everything we can to end the confrontation of science and sense as soon as possible!
Forms of matter are diverse. For example, invisible matter and invisible universal matter and other matters exist regardless of the fact whether they are discovered or seen by anyone else or notice is taken of their manifestation. But they affect everything that happens in the solid-state world in a natural way!

Without the ability to understand what is happening, scientists began to squirm, lie, fantasize. Eventually they lost all conscience and created the same “scientific” worldview.

Which is 100% false!

The same thing happened with the sense. More precisely – it all happened at the same time according to the wrong scenario. Because matter and mind are inseparable from each other.All universal matter is alive and reasonable.
It is impossible to tell in your own words about how things work in the invisible matter. We here do not come close to the knowledge of the world around us. A bad habit to explain everything at all inevitably leads to misconceptions about the way things are.

Your science and scientific worldview are the brightest example of it.

We come to the perception of nature on the practical side. Presumption of fact is the basis of the normal worldview.
Nevi and bochs can be in your world both reified and invisible.

“On business” or just out of curiosity, and answering the call of the “heart”. Sometimes they prance in such a way in the solid world …
Lovely sight! I will narrate one such story on this page.
Almost everyone of you can recall a real case with a friend or he was told about a case when a person as a child or as an adult suddenly begins to love, for example, animals, more than people. Such cases also happen here in the invisible universal matter. But the souls of outstanding during their life people act as unexpected love objects sometimes. Here they are not treated as sinners, though they sinned during their life, but they are also not among the saints.

Outstanding people are first of all top public officials or very influential government officials. They may be prominent figures from the military, art, science and so on.

Where and how do they hang out with us here

I already mentioned that it is impossible to answer most of your questions in your own words, but practically human consciousness can temporary get into the invisible universal matter where all the rulers of the past and the future are. For example, in a dream or in a trance, if a man has such capability. By the way, it’s bad for the soul of such people.

Having got there, a man will see that picture, which is closest to his intellect. This can be a room, an office or a banquet hall, or a beautiful piece of nature, and all these people will be there. If the human soul temporarily goes to heaven, where hang the righteous or holy, it will certainly be an idyllic picture, but again, in his view, such as flowering or fruiting garden, beautiful nature with waterfalls and ponds, and so on. . Hence the biblical picture of paradise.

But these pictures are read from the lifetime “records” of dead people. A living person can not see what is happening online out there. That is a “visitor” from the solid-state world does not see any real life in the invisible universal matter.
This page is devoted to the true story about one of the rulers of your past. I will not always say “;the soul of Hitler” or someone else. It is clear that we are not talking about people but about their souls.
We do not keep anything else here, so saying!
There was once a boch. A second-rate boss. That is, being a man, he was a sinless righteous, he died and “arrived” to us 5 relocations ago.

Everything has certain conditions, so the biography of our hero enabled him to be a “leader”. In addition, his business acumen and knowledge were also practically assured.

Our Galaxy was the sixth in the after-biography of this man. Considered to be not enough, so although G18 was young, he had a reputation of a promising boch.

One of his work assignments was looking after prominent people. Tsars, kings, sheiks, presidents, prime ministers and top officials in general do not appear out of the blue. All of them are “selected” by bochs “at castings” even before their birth, and even before the birth of their parents.

The main problem here is that there is no trace of the influence of “bad guys” of the world on the souls of these people.

Who are such bad guys here?
To begin, let us recall what they were shitting with there at your place. It is known that the dogs bark, but the caravan moves on. It is also necessary “to deserve” to be a bad guy.

This subject can be discussed forever. In the best way for a man it is said of bad deeds in the commandments of Christ. Do you remember? Thou shalt not kill! Thou shalt not steal! That is … a list of bad deeds. In the corporeal world everything appears, lives and dies according to the “schedule” of participation in the process of mixing arrays of dark matter with different physical properties.
We can not kill. And steal. There is nothing to steal. And so on for all the commandments.

Another matter, another life, another values.

And another shit.
It is impossible to explain in your own words, what they are and how to fight them. But the nature of the shit is easy for us to understand if we remember about the main content of our lives in the invisible universal matter and other matters.
When the lifetime of our Galaxy is over, before its disappearance it is vitally important for us to find and occupy a yet uninhabited galaxy. More precisely, in fact it will only be a kmar cloud, but we can not wait – others will outrun us and occupy it.
Since then the work on ensuring the next relocation and, of course, ensuring normal life here begins.

But relocation is the most important thing! That’s what the appearance of bad guys in our lives is connected with.

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