Unified National Exam.

The site dedicated to the problems of education, of course, could not ignore the problem of testing the knowledge of the learners.

This fairly simple measure allows us to determine the level of achievement of the curriculum and students, and at the same time, to determine the quality of work of a teacher.

No matter how passionately and evidence-based people argued at all times about whether it is needed or not and in what form, the testing was, is and will be … .. is!

But at the same time it is clear that the test of knowledge, whether it is an interview or an examination in any form, is a very effective method of destruction of the independent, logical thinking of students in the learning process. That is, the way to destroy the declared aims of education, which is the formation of an independent, logical thinking of a learner, is inevitably put in the technology of education.

And it is destroyed with 100% result! Of course, not during the exam, but the threat of verification of acquired knowledge after the end of studying does it.

What independent logical thinking during lessons or lectures, or during self-study, can we talk about when the exam with unambiguous questions on the content of the training is looming before you?! It is necessary to learn the material clearly and precisely and not hover in the pink clouds of their own logical thinking!
The word “test” means action by a particular algorithm. Inspection technology is universal and independent of who, where, when and why is tested. Differences appear only in specific tests. In particular, there are subtleties during the verification of knowledge, but they are not principle.

In contrast, for example, to the revision of a store, school tests the presence of knowledge in the heads, rather than the presence of goods and money in the hoppers.

That is knowledge in this case acts as an object, which the education system, the school, the teacher and the student himself, by joint efforts “put” into the featherheaded student. As a result, a long-headed fellow appeared.

Or did not appear, if the knowledge were not crammed into him.
Testing of knowledge and skills, the exam is an integral part of any education. Without it, education is losing motivation and meaning. The problem here is only the honesty and objectivity, and not in the way of verification.
Thus, we again and again have Chernomyrdin situation – we wished our best, you know the rest!

In the sense that we declare the development of thinking of pupils and students in schools of all levels, but actually produce the finished zombies and boobies.

Zombies then become bosses as people who did good and excellent at the examinations and boobies (according to school) become workers or businesspeople.

These two categories of people I talk to every day through this site and on various Internet forums.

People are not able to think over philosophical questions! Zombified!

Although it is still possible to talk with the “boobies”, they are trying to understand something. Well, zombies remain zombies even in Africa.

For example, I write to the Governor of this region Savchenko E. S. or his subordinates: “In the region and in the world carbon and oxygen plant fertilizersdo not exist and are not made! And that means that biology lies, when in school textbooks they write about the existence of air nutrition of plants by carbon and their oxygen breathing! Please, clean up the contents of the textbooks!”

In response I get unsubscribe in the best case. Although in the Belgorod Region the Governor himself and his subordinates are great pundits in agriculture and are well aware what fertilizers are and how much they are needed and nutritious.

I’m writing about the world experience though! Is it possible that there were, for example, no carbon fertilization, if carbon is really needed for the plants? After all, in the air there is 0.01% (!!!) of carbon, and there are places where there is no carbon at all!

In scientific mythology, carbon is NUTRITION, and not some supplements in the form of nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers, or micronutrients, although very useful!
That is the problem of checking students’ knowledge, including the Unified National Exam, can be resolved only in the plane of the protection of the rights of pupils and students.

Now with the power of the state children are forced to memorize and cram the invented by pseudo-scientists “laws of nature”, which the poor nature can not imagine even in nightmares. There are no such laws of nature!!

And it’s not childish pranks, but a criminal offense.

The guarantors of this crime are Obama, Merkel, Putin, … In short – the First ones. Because, in fact, they are – the guarantors of all global good deeds and global outrages, even if the top public officials know nothing about them.

And ombudsman PavelAstakhov and other poor childish defenders in the country and around the world oversee a terrific in its scale and cynicism crime against children.

Otherwise, how should we understand the constant existence of obvious philosophical false teachings in schools and universities?
The current objective and no alternative technology of education, including a mandatory exam after the end of education, requires special, clear-cut contents of education.

Now scientists, heads of education and anyone who will take the trouble, chase each other in educational programs: “Children should know this!” “Children must have at least an idea of that!” “No good without knowing this!” and so on.

The scope of educational information is blown up to a cerebral catatonia of a learner.

As a result, in philosophical questions, students remember only clichés.

These are the so-called atom, photon, electron, synthesis, photosynthesis, gravity, chemical reactions, evolution, theory of relativity, and so on. There are no material realities behind these words! According to Confucius, these are wrong names for all that is happening in the world, in the Universe.

But in the minds of some people during the long years of training school still forms a virtual reality behind these words. As a result, a man lives in a virtual world, composed by pseudo-scientists.
The reader may ask a reasonable question – how they manage to deceive billions of people around the world?

To get a comprehensive answer to this question, let us first think – why parents send their children to school and then to University?

In order that a child get a full set of knowledge and skills there and turned into a full, competitive, long-term specialist!

A parent might have been glad not to send the child there, but there is no alternative! “There” means to education according to the worldwide, global educational program. Essentially, it does not matter, in school, at home, remotely and in what country – the “usual” of general education is unique! As for the worldview – these are the very clichés – atom, electron, Darwin, Einstein, and so on.

And the Unified National Exam are simple “by design”, but very strict limits preventing any attempts of teachers and students “to slip” out of the world outlook of the herd and have their own opinion.

The former student grows up, becomes a teacher and continues the work of his teachers – banishes juveniles through this framework “knowledge”.

The circle has been closed! And it is not necessary to put efforts every time, every year to dupe billions more and more of new generations!

It is amachine!

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