Asteroid 2012DA14.

The 15th of February 2013 Nature carried out two worldview space experiments:
First, Chelyabinsk meteorite came flying (Chebarkul fire-ball).

For the first time in the Earth civilization history powerful not created by human natural explosion was recorded in data and was shown not once on the monitors all around the world.

Having scattered debris all over the snow, the meteorite clearly demonstrated what that was. The debris were examined and it was determined that that was a big stone. It is clear, that there is no sense in profound explanation of this event. Everyone interested already knows about it.

I’ll point out only one worldview fact out of the whole information: STONE EXPLODED. By the way, science and mass media keep humble silence about it. They speak about protection of space stones.

Meanwhile explosion over Chelyabinsk roared that science knew nothing about the nature of explosion. For there was no trotyl, no atomic charge, no thermonuclear bomb, no space ship of the aliens, and the explosion, nevertheless, took place. And it was a very powerful explosion.

It means that the list of explosives and explosion conditions known to people isn’t complete. It turned out that even a simple billet can explode. One has to create necessary conditions only:


1. Taking celestial information as a starting point, one can manufacture artillery explosive billets and bullets that will be equal to atomic charges in power.

2. After the explosion of the meteorite destructive power of unknown to the science emission was found out — ornithologists find many wounded wild birds.
It is possible that other people and animals that were outdoors at the moment of the explosion could have been wounded as well. Only consequences are lighter or haven’t come out yet or blurred, «disguised» as known illnesses.

3. There exist established wrong name of engines. It is so called combustion engine.

But the fuel blend in its cylinders doesn’t burn but explodes. In other words, cars are equipped with not with combustion engines, but with inner explosion engines.

That’s why discovery of new sufficient conditions for explosion will enable us to have an inexhaustible energy source.

Second celestial guest that came on February 15th is asteroid 2012DA14.

It is the one that passed the Earth, as they write, at an unusually close range.
It is clear that in the Earth’s history there have been millions of them, some passed even closer. This one is just the first close one to be noticed by people.

According to the law invented by people, it was bound to fall down on the Earth.

The first space velocity is 7,9 km per second and it is the lowest velocity under which a body does not fall on the Earth but rotates around it.

Asteroid flew with the velocity of 6,5 km per second, in other words, much slower. And flew it much lower than many Earth artificial satellites.

1. At the height of 27, 7 km there is no Earth gravitation.

2. Universal law of gravitation made up by mister Newton — is a lie.

3. The Solar system, the Galaxy and the Universe have different structure than it is written in textbooks and reference books. In my narration I brandish the tale about a possible weapon only in the quality of a red cloth in order to draw people’s attention, first of all, leading politicians to the fact that the Earth science is in mythical prostration.

As the result, a «civilized» man lives only in a virtual world that has nothing to do with reality.

The Universe is organized in a totally different from what modern earth science imagines way!

The time is relatively close when conditions of the human being existence on the Earth will become unbearable and humans have only two variants of the event development:

The first variant: Humans will become cleverer, in other words, they will cast aside all modern scientific fairytales that they view as a life guide.
They will create a new science and begin living in accordance with universal realias. In this case they will be given help from above to master new forms and means of further existence. Moreover, these will be not necessarily direct contacts but more often — a spontaneous appearance of the necessary information in the heads of the scientists and politicians.

Then with time, the number of corporal humans on the Earth will reach hundreds of trillions.

And the second variant: humans remain donkeys. Among other things they will «organize» thermo-nuclear war after all.

In this case humans will be left alone and they will dwell in the manner they like and the Earth will be populated by the «right» people in a big number. They won’t be brought on trucks. They will appear as matter of course, moreover, with certainty that they are locals. In more detail you can read about the issue on this site.

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