On this page we’ll talk about solid body technologies, which are possessed by bochs. Naturally they aren’t raving about such concepts as atom, molecule, synthesis and other myths. For no other reason but that they don’t need to. I mean they don’t need to make it all up. They operate facts, not some nonsense.
Bochs and nevi really know what a solid body is, know how it appears and how it disappears and how one can influence it.
How did they master such technologies? It was given to them. Like ants — they have it from the birth. Solid body is formed when universal matter masses with different properties interact. Body is one of the forms of universal matter. In other words, a body is formed in the space under certain conditions. So bochs work not with the substance and field but with these very conditions of the emergence and formation of the solid body. Their main instrument when working with physical world is a little wall of conditions. Or a wall if it is enormous in size. Let’s contract this word-combination to WofC. The main content of WofC is information contained in nano-, micro- or santipyramids. Depending on their size. A different set of these pyramids form different meaning. They are invisible for people. A man can see only walls, «coloured» by a substance. WofS, in particular, can be clothes of any design and colour etc including constantly changing in purpose, design and colour etc.

If such clothes are equipped with the defense function then nobody can even think about attacking. Not a man, animal or virus — the wall influences the consciousness and behavior of those around. From an accidental influence we also get full defense — a stone, a fist, a bullet, a knife etc. just disappear when touching such clothes.

And moreover, «good» touch and influence are not punished — wall is able to analyze and make right decisions.
It «can» do it because it is integral to the owner of the clothes.

So we can embrace each other and tap on the shoulder without any fear.
Wall of conditions is natural phenomenon.
For the first time it appears «at the dawn» of apparition of solid bodies when a new galaxy is formed. At first, wall of conditions is formed, then substance and field beginning with kmars.
In the new galaxy WofC is its middle plane.
Later in the process of development, galactic wall of conditions at once splits into many stellar middle planes.

Some kind of net-matrix made of threads of druma is left on its place in the galaxy. I mean stellar systems are not independent objects. Everything that takes place, let’s say, in the Solar system takes place in the middle plane of the system that is our general wall of conditions.
For example: why do so many meteorites and other stones hit the Earth?
Do you know? Space is so vast and the Earth is just a small grain of sand in it!
It’s just impossible to hit it by chance!
The answer is simple — all the substance in the Solar system is «situated» and floats in one plane! There is no substance beyond middle plane! Moreover, all the orbits are material and naturally determined. WofC strictly «sees to it»!
Naturally bochs’ airframes are also «made» from the walls of conditions of the solid body formation. In philosophical sense there is nothing surprising in it — for example, the metal leaf is also in some way a wall of conditions. First of all, one mined and concentrated ore, separately got charcoal and electric energy, then smelted metal and rolled it. Fulfilled strictly determined conditions. And to stay a wall the metal leaf can only under certain conditions — absence of mechanical effect, corrosion, unfavourable temperatures etc. The most noticeable for people manifestation of the existence of the wall of conditions in the nature is cloud layer of the Earth and other planets. We can gab away for a long time debating on why drops of mist or pieces of ice do not fall on the ground, why the cloud layer is multilevel etc. But without taking into account the influence of the dark matter (the main Earth matter) the real causes will stay «off-screen».

«Cloud» wall of conditions creates a zone around the Earth and not only water can be there, but also sand, plants, animals (living ones!), fish and even artifacts. The second zone of the wall of conditions is inside the planet. It is also multilevel. There natural underground explosions that create earthquakes take place. And there can also form something completely unthinkable form the perspective of modern scientific worldview. The biggest of observed WofC people see through telescopes. The universe is multilevel and consists of walls-slabs, «coloured» by an unimaginable number of galaxies. The universe observed by a man is a small part of the spherical «cloud layer» of the next enormous world.
For it galaxies are invisible microscopic drops. Material reality is infinite with enclosed in each other matters and times. As upward, as downward.
Every matter corresponds its time or it does not exist in this specific matter. Every matter has its own structure. A fully exclusive story if we can say so. WofC can work also with fields and matters that are known or unknown to the humankind. To get rid of momentum and to create zero-gravity the walls of conditions are able to push away gravity matter. Inside the bochs’ devices there is no gravity matter. They have no momentum or weight and can use gravitation of celestial bodies to move. In the people’s life WofC appears not only in the form of clothes and «alien» ships. There is known an occasion of the appliance of the wall of conditions when «waters sundered» and Moses led the Jews across the bottom of the sea. During the Great Patriotic War bochs used the wall of conditions twice. When the Germans’ military advance on Moscow in the summer of 1941 and during the battles in Stalingrad in the summer of 1942. In these cases the WofS were used because a traitor – «a worm» nested among the bochs and the war events took a strange turn suddenly. I’ll tell about it on the page «The way G-18 saved Hitler». And in the meantime, those who are interested make a note how to form a wall of conditions: It is necessary to stop dumbing down our children in schools and universities! And when the first generations of young scientists appear, the scientists that will know about atoms, electrons, synthesis, about Darwin, Newton, Einstein and any other idiocy and its «great» departed and living bearers only as if it was the history of the science then we would be able to hope that we are moving in the right direction.

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