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False doctrines at schools and universities of the planet.

False doctrines at schools and universities of the planet
Modern scientific worldview is a dude!
Children are being fooled especially frankly, transparently and I would say even insolently without even a blink of shameless eyes at the biology classes, beginning with botany (6th year at school). We will start with this subject. All the more so because there is now such person that doesn’t come across plants in his daily life and thus, everyone knows at least something about them.

Our knowledge of plants is unexpected, very useful and educative!
Let’s start:
Photosynthesis: Life experience of people disproves the existence of air nourishment and breathing of plants!

Nourishment and breathing for animals are apparent necessity.
Without breathing animals die almost instantly, and without food they die in a few days or begin to eat each other (predators or omnivorous). After all hunger drives the wolf out of the wood!

In the human memory at the level of instinctive reflexes (that’s why none verifies it on himself) is also «stated» that without breathing or food he/she will die.
It is known that for the vegetable world water is of vital need – if the roots of a land plant are completely drained or seaweed is taken out of water, then the death of the plant is inevitable. People have always known it. There are many historical records of droughts and resulting famines.

But there is no evidence of plants that died of
carbonic starvation or suffocation! If a peasant has ever asked God for something then it has been only rain. Has anyone ever heard a prayer asking for oxygen and (or) carbon dioxide?

In the scientific books and studying materials there is no experiment or natural fact published that would mention death of a plant because of carbon dioxide or oxygen absence.
There is no such case stated in the history of written language from the very petroglyphic drawings.
If air nourishment and breathing of plants really existed, the people naturally would have long ago known it and then all the libraries would have had historical chronicles, for example ‘That year the air was bad, the harvest perished though there were rains. Famine then broke out.’ Or ‘That year’s summer the weather was windless and the harvest was very bad, famine broke out’.

During its whole history mankind has not recorded any case of death or at least distress if a plant because of carbon or oxygen absence.

People have always known that but for water plants also need light, good soil and comfort temperature. None has ever known about carbon or oxygen. Overwhelming majority of people does not know it even know because they don’t come across this problem in their everyday life, particularly in the country.
Where there is nourishment, for example, with human, then the lowest level of nutritive is also known, after which the organism begins to starve.
It is so-called minimal consumer basket.

But there is nothing known about carbon minimal consumer basket for plants! It’s because plans do not need carbon and thus this ‘basket’ does not exist!

When there is need for breathing (for animals) then there is also known marginal minimal quantity of oxygen in the air.
For example it is 16% for humans. If there is less oxygen, a human starts to suffocate, though absolute quantity of oxygen in the air is still great.
That’s why when it’s necessary to do some work in an enclosed space, let’s say in a barrel, then air is always being analyzed for oxygen quantity.

But marginal minimal quantity of oxygen in the air for plants is not known! Plants do not need oxygen!

Terms ‘carbon starvation of plants’ and ‘oxygen starvation of plants’ don’t exist neither in plants science nor in practical plant-breeding.
There is only 0,03% of carbon dioxide in the air (!!!)
What does this figure mean? Is there any adequate engineer on the planet?
This figure means that there’s almost no carbon dioxide in the atmosphere! In conversion to carbon it’s 0,01% and plants are said to need carbon.
Dear engineers, can powerful planet «production» of organics «work» at such concentration of useful matter, especially that it is tightly bound? And the overwhelming part of the atmosphere and global ocean during the year has no contact with plant leaves.

Moreover, if a plant will make its mind after all to consume carbon dioxide from the air then it will consume only the tiniest part, for example 0,006% – too many ‘obstructing’ factors.

So the botanists-composers of photosynthesis shouldn’t have forgotten about physics — there is coefficient of efficiency in all the processes!

According to the science plants don’t need pure carbon dioxide, they need to extract carbon from it and it’s again coefficient of efficiency, again losses. And the same with all «operations» and phases of mythological photosynthesis.
So what part in relation to the whole amount of air can plants consume after all! 0,00001%? Or 0,0000001%? Zero that is! There is no carbon in the atmosphere for plants!

In the nature there are no real problems connected with carbon or oxygen for plants!
Anyway, none has come across them. None has heard of such problems and none has written about them anywhere.
Is it accidental?
One can’t but admit that all this air nutrition and breathing of plants appears to be too intricate — none knows anything about it but it’s written about it in the books.
In particular it is written in the textbooks that plants absorb oxygen and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce…the same oxygen and carbon dioxide (?!)
Super cool! Wicked!
And moreover, they absorb and produce simultaneously and ceaselessly through one and the same holes (stomas!)
And what kind of dances are these? I sell nuts for their purchase? Is it just that the rustle of nuts is so pleasant? And how it is even possible (two opposite streams in one ‘pipe’?) It’s necessary to explain how these wonders work!
Animals breathe with one windpipe, but in turns. Breath in — breath out. But plants do not breathe!
So the mechanism of air getting into the leaves, method of extracting carbon dioxide from it, protection from dust, viruses, bacteria is not described.
Moreover, when an organism is discarding something it means that this stuff is poisonous for an organism and can’t be used as food.
People, for example, don’t use their faeces and urine to prepare food for themselves!
While photosynthesis is made up by scientists according to the principle of sugar conveyor assembly out of hydrogen and carbon, it is a very strange engineering solution.

Ford would have instantly fired all his engineers for such a conveyor, which engines and chassis necessary for assembly were at first taken to the waste deposit (leaves throw away oxygen that is claimed to be necessary for breathing and carbon being a part of carbon dioxide that is claimed to be necessary for sugar synthesis) and then were dug out from garbage and taken back to the factory!
Well Mercedes would have laughed if he had seen these dances with engines. Not to mention nation — it has laughed at scientific photosynthesis for a long time until it was blue in the face. However, state leaders are not at all embarrassed by all this amount of foolishness in the textbooks! Apparently Merkel does not understand all the absurdity of this «natural» construction because she’s a woman, Putin does not because he’s white and Obama because he’s black.
I see that it’s not a very funny justification of such absolute incomprehension, but how can it be explained otherwise? In reality they all have brain…
Here is a fresh example of global refusal to think: according to the natural experiment with the asteroid 2012DA14 that flew past the Earth at the distance of 27,7 thousand kilometers with the speed of 6,5-6,7 km per second and nevertheless hasn’t been captured by our planet, there is no gravitational attraction of the Earth at the distance of 27,7 thousand kilometers!
It is so while it’s known that the first space speed or minimal speed at which object does not fall down on the Earth is 7,9 km per second and DA14 flew significantly slower and lower than many satellites.
That asteroid was bound to fall down on Earth on February 15th 2013!

Are teachers and parents criminals? For it is we who deceive children and it is a crime!
But how can we know that natural science textbooks also lie?!
Nevertheless ignorance isn’t an excuse!
One should think with a head and not something else! People! When you read or listen to something you should think a bit at least! Even if it is textbooks or respected media and it seems to you that there can be no lies there.

For example, only deaf mute blind ones haven’t heard or seen information about the mentioned asteroid 15.02.2013. It was a first recorded case when a space stone approached the Earth at such a short range!
Unique free experiment! And where are the conclusions? Are we waiting for the boss to decide? And we will repeat everything he says after him like a parrot? When will we begin to think ourselves?
Parents, try to understand what is written in the textbooks of your children and grandchildren!
It’s ridiculous to hide behind such excuses as «I’m not an expert…». And are your children experts? These textbooks are written for children after all! Who will protect the youth from ‘intellectual’ mountebanks if parents and grandparents still don’t give a damn about the stuff fed to their children and grandchildren?!
One shouldn’t forget that textbooks are written by people, not gods! Such people as we are, sometimes silly, and it’s not connected with anything subjective and objective.
Let me give a simple example that proves sheepishness of all people on this planet without exception, from the 6 grade pupil to the coolest one, for example, Bill Gates. In the 6th form pupils are made learn that plants consume carbon dioxide and breath oxygen.

Thus, scientists claim that plants possess technologies for usage different gases and gaseous substances for their benefit.

At the same time everyone knows out of their own experience that plants need nitrogen fertilizers at their roots because plants do not consume nitrogen out of the air.
Thus, it appears that carbon dioxide which is absent from the air (0,03%) plants’ leaves are said to consume, they are claimed to breathe oxygen (20%) but nitrogen that is presented by 80% in the atmosphere isn’t consumed by them?
Out of principle?
Well, plants weren’t noticed to have principles but stupidity of people and especially of the scientific community is obvious!
And meanwhile the explanation is very simple — air (nitrogen 79%+oxygen 21%) doesn’t get into the leaves! Moreover, entry of air and any other gases into the leaves is mortally dangerous for plants!

I’m also very much puzzled by professional impropriety of the ministries of education and science workers worldwide! It is a true shame to confirm textbooks full of lies!

And the TV anchorman Posner wasn’t right when he changed one letter in the name of Russian Duma. They don’t see false evidence in education in all countries, in another words they’re wasting state funds everywhere!

Posner, by the way, also wastes his breath. He doesn’t struggle against school false evidence.
One should take care of their heads from the very childhood! Later in most cases it’s impossible to fix it up!

And what that very studying youth has on their shoulder? It seems to me at the best it is a voice recorder. They memorize what a teacher says at the lessons and what they read in the books, voiced it out at the exam and that’s all.

Young people, try to analyze what is written for you in the textbooks and what you are told by teachers! It all is for you and for your money.
Even there where it is «for free» country pays using the parents’ taxes.
You should be very attentive consumers of very expensive goods named knowledge!
And they are giving you some rotten stuff!

I understand that analysis of textbooks is almost impossible task or pupils and students. But still you are the main hope because for your teachers who have gone through furnace of false evidence it is an impossible task without any «almost».

Their mind after modern higher education is absolutely oriented at the memorizing because a student that doubts the contents of a textbook will just not be given a diploma.

That’s why ministries of education and academies of science in all the countries are not at all interested in textbooks contents and their correspondence to the reality – in the respected offices everyone has higher education.
They have prudently left instructions for themselves which main idea is «what to do in order to do nothing» and they honestly carry this important state task out.
For example, several years ago I compiled a little letter to Ministry of Education and Science and to one respected biological scientific research institute stating that one can’t use twig in a glass of water for an experiment — this is not a plant, branches do not grow in the glasses of water in nature!
There occurs short circuit of bioliquids through the water and starch that is being removed from the leaf gets into the leaf again.

No such thing happens in nature! Leaves react at this anomaly and stop turning primary sugar into starch.
So it is not an experiment but a focus!
One would think there is an obvious mistake in the textbook and it must be corrected at once — as simple as that!
But Ministry of Education and Science gave no answer and Institute wrote that there was no difference and once could use a twig.
Can you imagine that?
Then maybe we can use a broom?
A plastic one?
There is no Ministry of Education and Science in the country and no biology science as well!
So, dear students, do not bone up everything without regard, but digest it! Those who are sinking (being deceived) should rely on their own devices!

The main stated aim of the schools of all levels is to teach a future adult citizen to think, analyze and make right conclusions.

If a modern pupil won’t let a school theory slip as usual, but will suddenly make up his mind to analyze a school theory of photosynthesis, the he’ll decide that he’s becoming an idiot. One can’t doubt the textbook after all!
But it seems there are good reasons for doubts.
It’s necessary to understand what is being stuffed into our children and grandchildren’s heads by the science and education mountebanks using the power of the state!
While politicians, bosses at the whole, human right activists, ombudsmen and other high and mighty don’t want to or are afraid to defend children, then I’ll have to be the one to begin.
But, my dear readers, I alone will probably achieve little.
I need help! Let’s protect children from intellectual mountebanks!
Join me!
Scientific fallacies are so obvious and clear that it is enough to begin to discuss them to get rid of them.
There is even no need for any special experiments. Everything is here.
We just need to ‘wake up’.
We understand that spells of the authorities, some darwins, newtons, einsteins and others long ago dead ones, authorities created artificially are very strong! But they are all simply widely promoted common people that were mistaken.
Wake up!

Creation of a really new worldview is still ahead. And it’s really good luck that it fell to us to do it!

Don’t lose your chance to participate in it!

In particular you’re welcome to advertise, quote and promote the website! «Diary of a snowman».
Naturally, we haven’t exposed all the school false evidence in hope that our readers will cope with it on their own.
Write and publish your articles about scientific humbugs! Fight, protect yourself, your children and grandchildren!
There is no more dangerous crime that
lies in the natural science textbooks! All social crimes and industrial disasters are immediate or remote consequences of school mess in people’s minds!

But let’s return to our muttons. The heart of the matter on this page is: by means of what do plants live? On what do they feed?
This question appeared in the very beginning of the science. One guy (I do not specify who and when deliberately, there are search services for it and I want you to look it up in the internet and thus understand the problem better) planted a tree seed in the barrel with some ground.
He watered it for several years and then weighed. The tree weighed 70 kg and the ground 100 g less than at the beginning of the experiment. The guy made the conclusion that plants lived and gained weight because of water.
When the synthesis theory appeared there appeared a made up problem of hydrogen and carbon for the mythical photosynthesis.
Now it’s generally accepted that plants «take» hydrogen from water molecules, decomposing them (!) and carbon they take from atmospheric carbon dioxide molecules also decomposing them (!). Then hydrogen and carbon are used for sugar synthesis. All this plants do with the help of light.
Isn’t it too difficult?!
Moreover, it’s generally accepted, not proved. None has seen plants decomposing water and carbon dioxide or how they assemble sugar molecules.
And none will ever see it!
But for pseudo scientists it’s even good — show me that there’s no such thing! Aaaa! You can’t!
It’s necessary to specify what is meant by the word «nourishment».
On the basis of my personal life experience and knowledge obtained during education, I understand under this word something without what plants and animals die.
That’s why nourishment for a human, for example, is a constant and eternal problem.

Evidence of feeding on some substance or substances is confined to the evidence that the biological object will die if bereft of this food.
Both scientists and scum (according to the scientists) like me understand it.

Water undoubtedly is a source of nourishment for plants because without it they die. Scientists would have been glad to also demonstrate death of plants without oxygen and carbon, but they can’t manage it — plants don’t die without these gases!
That’s why they invent various tricks with twigs in the glasses if water or with so called «marked» atoms (it’ll be spoken of later).
I’ve conducted my experiments and repeated already known ones by bereaving plants of the supposed nourishment and breathing.
I found how they will behave without them.
Without oxygen and carbon dioxide.
And there were also experiments with abundant nourishment and breathing.
All over the world people conduct special and not special experiments isolating plants from atmosphere. For example, you can look it up here: 40 years in a sealed bottle.
Provided that there is no science on the Earth such bottles are considered to be examples of so-called closed ecological system. Something like biological eternal engine.

Is it a scientific approach? A bottle is in normal temperature and illumination and this is external influence. It is a part of universal matter, for which glass is not an obstacle.
Bottle is situated in the magnetic, electric and gravitational fields of the Earth.

How can it be called isolation? For example, if you put a bottle on the precise scales, then it’ll appear that it is constantly gaining weight.
Or isn’t it an interesting fact?
Moreover, water in the bottle is running out and in the end plant withers because of absence of water!
And who gave us the right to consider everything in the bottle but for the plant not living? If we observe sand in the soil during such an experiment then we’ll see that sand grains grow in size and their number also grows, in other words, they grow and reproduce.
Or is it also uninteresting?
If there was science on this planet then a barometer, thermometer, different sensors, for example, for spectral analysis of air and other gadgets could have been put into the bottle, for example, for spectral analysis of air. We could have set up 24-hour light from every angle. And so on. Naturally, the bottle should be constantly on the precise scales, whatever anybody thinks.

In the result there would have been no modern lies about life of plants in the textbooks.

Or these false evidence is necessary for some reason for parents, ombudsmen and country leaders?
And for those my readers who would like to retry the grandfather’s experiment with laminaria or other plant, I’ll give a very important cue:

A plant in an airproof bottle is like a human being in a closed toilet bowl that does not flush away the faeces away. Not everyone will be able to withstand it, probably none will!
Oxygen and carbon dioxide are waste products of the plants and when you plug it up in the bottle, it, the poor thing has to live in it.
You can’t isolate a plant from the atmospheric carbon dioxide because there is no such in the atmosphere! But it will bathe in its own ‘shit’!

But let’s continue our naturalist work and notice that it is to turn any plant into seaweed for some time.
For time enough to begin to think about its way of nourishing.
To do so you should take a simple or compound leaf (or a branch or a plant with roots) and put it into the water, inner side down.
The leaves will be direct under the water surface
because exhaling gases won’t let them sink.

In summer I’ve conducted these experiments in the summer-house barrel for watering.
The leaves happily live as if real they are seaweed for weeks and months and ‘photosynthesize’ being completely under water!
Some ‘soaked’ compound leaves develop roots, especially weeds.
It goes without saying that there are plants that die in the water faster but it happens because of ‘dislike’ of abundance of water.
People have always known about ability of plants to live for a rather long time period under water. It happens, for example, during famous overflow of the Nile and other rivers.
Taking into account the fact that most plants on the Earth are the seaweeds, experiments on the habitation of land plants under water allow us to claim that there exists water plants nourishment and breathing or more likely there is no air nourishment and breathing as well as water one.

Along with these experiments carefully, ‘passionately’, and with great desire to understand it you should look through a high-magnification microscope at a living not plucked from a plant leaf, using upper and lower lights.

Close one or several stomatos of the leaf with a neutral not evaporating liquid with good wetting ability and see what happens. You’ll see how stomatos «bubble». Constantly or portionwise?

You’ll see with your own eyes that:
No gas gets into and no gas can get inside the leaf through the stomatos and consequently carbon dioxide, oxygen and no other gas is necessary for plants!

Synthesis doesn’t exist in nature!
«Synthesis» in Russian means «assembling». For example, people use conveyors for assembling-synthesing cars, fridges and other necessary stuff.
Now these pseudo-scientists decided that nature works in the same way — takes, for example, oxygen and hydrogen and synthesizes water out of them and collects organics from carbon and hydrogen, thus, from one set of «parts» we get another corresponding to the kit result etc.

But it is not the case!
Debunking and rejection of global fallacies called photosynthesis, synthesis, atomic structure of matter and some other is of primary importance to a human civilization! It is now much more important than disarmament, the fight against hunger, diseases, terrorism and other misfortunes!
Because only after eliminating educational problems, civilization will get sufficient number of bright minds to solve its basic problems, including those listed above and some more dangerous.
It’s already necessary to develop new forms of human existence in other matters, and science, in fact, does not exist on the Earth.

There are examples of other scientific blunders and fallacies on this site. For example, absence of the plant needs in carbon, hydrogen and oxygen means the absence of the atomic structure of matter.
Actually, the basic sciences consist almost entirely of the fallacies.

The site is dedicated to the problems of the worldview and that’s why intentionally does not have any mathematical analysis which basis is formed by formulae, equations and other focuses. Mathematics is useful and necessary only in specific cases of application for calculation and estimation.
Application of mathematics in the worldview is unacceptable! Ideological conclusions obtained with the help of mathematics, will surely be wrong! That, for example, happened to the Einstein’s theories of relativity for a simple reason:
A solid object is only a very small part of universal matter. Everything under our feet and everything that we see in telescopes is “foam” on the invisible matter. A object (galaxy) in a particular place appears only for a little while and then disappears as a result of natural processes in the universe only to appear and disappear in another place. Invisible universal matter is generally not visible and not known to people. There are quite different material laws of nature. There’s another mathematics.

That’s why the portrait of the Universe, “painted” by pseudo-scientists, does not coincide with reality exactly 100%.
Only self-confident to obstinacy and such a careless man (like Einstein) may believe that the events in the world are obliged to happen according to the change of the numerator or the denominator in the formula, which was invented by him.

Authors the of articles on this site are trying to discover the meaning of “scientific” bookish scribbling and expose the deception, hidden behind various theories and other “scientific” fantasies, behind equations of physical and chemical reactions, as well as behind dense wooden fence of mathematical formulas.

Read and try to understand!
I would like to remind «eggheads» that have degree with honors of different levels and prestige and that’s why they first of all strive not to understand what I mean but rub my nose in different scribbling and also those who made up their minds to see into the problem that life experience is always the chief judge.

Therefore, to deal with the mythical photosynthesis you should begin by answering practical questions:
Why do farmers and gardeners all around the world when growing plants do not have problems with carbon and oxygen? And they do not know anything about this mythical need of plants at all!
Are they stupid?
And why are businessmen not engaged in production of carbon fertilizers for plants?
Also stupid?
For it (carbon) is not contained in the atmosphere (0.01%), but plants wanna eat something, don’t they?
Is it necessary to have special education to answer these questions? I believe that it’s not even necessarily to be able to read, write and count.
It’s not even necessarily to swear!
Well, anyway, biologists, they are unchangeable. But it there are RAS, RANS, Ministry of education and science, prime minister, President after all!
How could one invent such a thing as air nourishment! Do these pseudo scientists mean that plants live on thin air!
My reader will exclaim in amazement with wide opened eyes ‘Where are plants and where is science!? How can plants nourishment and breathing be so much connected with physics and chemistry?’
And he will be wrong!
For scientists photosynthesis is a holy cow! It is the only and false “proof” of the existence of the synthesis and the atomic structure of matter on the planet Earth and in the whole universe. The whole science reposes on it. If photosynthesis collapses — then the whole science collapses!
And we will finally be able to exclaim:
Science is dead!
Long live the science!
It means that the biggest problem of the civilization now is the necessity to sweep out from under the foundation of science all this childish babble of modern and departed bors, reserfords, darwins and eisteins and put there facts.

Horrible absurdity and crime is the fact that the foundation of modern science is based on words!

Speaking of scientific words. Conducting research and experiments, as well as while doing any other hard work, most popular word is not “Eureka” and the well-known word consisting of four letters.
Well, the most desirable scientific word generally consists of five letters:
And here is something fresh about its necessity:
Space stone explosion over Chelyabinsk is exceptional because of its informational “transparency”.
Unlike the Tunguska meteorite, Chelyabinsk one exploded in a crowded place and was filmed, recorded. Explosive power is comparable to that of a hydrogen bomb. Thus scientists have a fact of explosion of stone!
And no cuckoo or meow about it!
But I know what happened there not from them. Take notes:

Our galaxy, like all others, is a vortex cyclone of universal matter, which was formed when “warm” and “cold” arrays of invisible universe matter met.

There are two main processes in the galaxies — stone reproduction and multiplication energy matter that is dissipated in space.

When fossilization is completely finished, the stone will also burn, but not with that cold, so-called Holy Fire. Such as in the temple of the Holy Sepulcher. Galaxy will disappear.
Reproduction of energy matter is almost 100% going to taking place on the sun and the stars — there are necessary conditions there. And not only atmosphere of the Sun is “burning”. It is cold inside, up to minus 160 degrees. Substance does not burn in the sun. Conditions for the materialization of the excess energy of invisible universe matter burn. If there are such conditions, then there may be no substance at all – the explosion will take place.
Sun is a cold stone with a continuous explosion along its entire outer sphere.
So, Chelyabinsk fireball moving through the atmosphere created the conditions for the reproduction of energy matter. As a result n explosion occurred in the small area of the attack. Stone and other substances participated in the explosion in scanty amount.
Tunguska meteorite and Chelyabinsk one, flashes of small meteorites, lightning bolts, earthquakes, man-made explosions — they all are for a moment the micro-branches of the Sun on the Earth.
I know how to create the explosion of stone or any other substance in practice, how to blow up the empty space and get universal weapon or an undrainable source of energy. Take notes:
To do this, you just need to stop deceiving our children in schools at natural-science cycle lessons.
That’s it! In 15 – 20 years there will appear first generation of young people with bright enough minds that will be able to solve most modern problems!
For more details look through the site.

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